Andrion in Trouble??Mature

I woke up and stretched.

Sat up and was pushed down again. Eyes as blue and as all-encompassing as the sky entered my field of vision.

"Have you forgotten our routine already, Alissa?" asked the love of my life.

I grinned. "You might have to remind me."

Matthias smiled. "With the greatest pleasure."

He leant down and kissed me. Our minds were filled with the music of our soul choirs and our hearts beat in synchronisation.

Matthias wrapped his arms around me as we floated off the bed. I held him as I lay there in midair, content to just feel his kiss and body warmth rather than overly eager to caress his skin or hair. We were already touching each other in so many ways. Really, any addition to the contact resulting from our mind link, interlaced heartstrings and united souls was unnecessary.

'Good night sleep?' he asked in my head as I luxuriated in the liberation from gravity as well as the blissfulness of the kiss.

'Hm, yes,' I replied and collapsed inside as Matthias' soul warmed at the knowledge and set mine on fire. 'You?'

'Well, dreams are great but reality's phenomenal.'

'I agree.'

We mentally sighed at the same time and the kiss continued in physical silence while creating its own melody to join the underlying current of strong emotions that ran through our essences and provided a further connection between us.

We were dragged out of our private paradise by the angelic singsong voice of the Orb.

'News available,' it sang.

Matthias and I fell back onto the bed and opened our eyes, rolling them at each other (which had a slightly hypnotic effect) and let go of each other. Matthias stood up and I watched him as he walked up to the floating sphere in the middle of the room. I heard him say 'Inform me' in his mind across the telepathic link and listened as the Orb gave us the type of news we had specifically asked for when we had set it up.

No deaths, no murders. Good.

Andrion Ophania was trying to aid Anthony Anhelico in his attempts to break out of prison... What? Firstly, what was Anthony doing in prison? He'd never hurt a soul in his life. Secondly, Andrion was in trouble. We had to help him.

I sat up and as the Orb finished, asked Matthias "What can we do?"

Matthias turned to me, looking quite grave. "Well, darling, I doubt there's anything anyone can do when they're up against Alezae. I'm certainly not willing to risk it."

"Oh, don't be silly. Andrion's my friend. He was what you are now a few years ago."

"I know but he's trying to help someone out of prison. Prison, Alissa. If he gets caught..."

"Alezae wouldn't hurt him. No one would hurt Andrion. He's the rightful ruler."

"But he gave his position to Alezae."

"But she wouldn't dare do anything serious to him. She's scared he'll strip her of her powers. You know she is. But we still need to help him. I've heard Alezae's prisons are devilishly difficult to escape from."

Matthias hesitated. "But what if Anthony's actually committed a crime?"

"Anthony? Are you joking? Have you lost your memory? Anthony's always been there for anyone who ever needed help. There is no way he would've committed a crime."

I stood up. "Look, I know you're worried about me, Mattie, but you're just being silly now. Andrion and Anthony are the two nicest people in the world and we are going to rescue him."

Matthias looked apologetic. For some reason, he was shielding his thoughts, despite the pain it caused him to do so.

"Alissa, I think we should stay out of this."

I walked up to him and saw strain in his eyes. "What's wrong, my darling?" I asked, confused. I lightly caressed his cheek to comfort him.

Matthias sighed. "There was talk of a ... human involved," he mumbled.

A human? One of those creatures? The vicious, impulsive, hateful ones who tore their world apart out of greed?

"I don't understand," I murmured. "Why would Andrion or Anthony get involved with a human?"

"Anthony fell in love with one."

I sat down, rather heavily on the end of my bed.

Well. That was a shock.

I looked up into cerulean eyes and asked "Then what do we do? We can't abandon our friends, but we can't help a human."

Matthias shook his head. "I don't think there's anything we can do. Anthony is convinced he loves this girl."

I thought about this long and hard. It was quite a problematic situation. I was torn by how much I cared for Andrion and my revulsion at the fact a human was involved.

I suddenly had an idea.

"Couldn't we help Anthony and Andrion but try to persuade them to forget about the human?"

Matthias still looked worried. "But what if they don't listen to us?"

"Well, we know a lot about the evil things humans do, don't we? They'll hardly ignore us when we remind them of their wars and slaughter of innocents. And if they do, well... I guess we'll just have to ask for the right to exile them. Until they come back to their senses. I mean, it's the best thing for them, isn't it?"

Matthias nodded. "That was very well thought out. Yeah, I agree to that. But you must promise me you'll keep your word. I couldn't bear it if you got involved with the evil ones too."

"I promise," I said, and then murmured "Thank you." I bowed my head in gratitude.

"For you, my love, I'd do anything," Matthias said, reciting a line of his favourite poem, one which he frequently read to me at night when the Star Waterfalls lit up the whole of the land beneath them.

Matthias came towards me, knelt down and kissed my hands. He looked up at me, smiling. I rose into the air and pulled him up with me, and we resumed our morning kiss.

The End

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