Do You Not Believe In Love?Mature

Alezae sat upon her stony throne, its rigid edges making her limbs sore. The great stone seat symbolized the pain, the sacrifice, the determination, the strength that leaders must hold. It was there her father had sat, and the men and women before him. Where did souls go past this point? Was this not the pinnacle of knowledge, the top of all? Did they simply retire to the stars?

Her weary eyes watched the two orbs swirl before her eyes, one silver and one glistening gold. They circled one another in a graceful dance, as if longing to get nearer to one another, though they did not touch. She found it curious that the gold one had drawn from the silver just moments after the two lovers were physically pulled from each other and put in their prisons. The girl’s must be the gold, in a result of her attachment to Anthony, how deeply connected they were.

Furious, she took the two in her fists and held them firmly in her palm. At first they attempted to wriggle free, but they froze, resting idle in her hands.

She watched them for a moment, and in that moment her anger boiled down. Sighing, she rested the back of her head against the back of her torturous chair, staring towards the sky jeweled with brilliant stars. Alezae closed her eyes, wishing for the release of dreamless slumber, for freedom from her burdens. No; never should she rest. Never did her duty cease. She was bound to it, and it bound to her, like chains. Grinding her teeth, Alezae turned to the two orbs again. To her, she was just as captured as them, and their trouble only increased the weight of her chains.

Yelling out, she stood from her chair and hurled the two orbs toward the sky. Forever she would doom them to play their chasing game, like the sun after the moon as they circled about one another. They were not to ruin the peace which she had worked so hard to hold, thinking they were above all the rules. Steaming, she watched them float back down to her, twirling around each other again but never touching.

“Do you realize what you have done, Alezae?” came a voice from before her, though she kept her eyes on the two orbs. She knew who it was.

“Yes I do, Andrion.” she turned her chilled eyes to him. “I am attempting to right their wrongs before it is too late.”

He stiffened. “Right their wrongs? Nothing they have done is wrong! It is your reaction which is wrong.”

Alezae stepped closer to him, unwavering. “Anthony has opened himself to the Physical. Do you not recall the destructions in which the Others wrought?”

Andrion sighed. “Alezae, you are full aware that Tony is not a fool.” He reached up, and gently traced his hand over her jaw bone, caressing her cheek softly with his fingers. Softly he murmured, “Do you not believe in Love?”

She melted, losing herself in his eyes, trembling at his gentle touch. For a brief moment, she was helpless, caught in a daze. He was close to her, a warmth of emotions radiating over her. He bent his face even closer to her, so that his lips were but a breath from her own. It was like he was taunting her with a kiss and she was wavering, she was giving in. “You are broken, Alezae. You are becoming one who I cannot recognize,” he whispered, his hand still holding at her chin.

With those words, she tore away. They snapped her from her gaze, her dream-like state, her brief bliss. She realized how close she was to giving in to her desire, and she was horribly angry with herself and especially him. She returned all the walls and stepped further away from him. “You don’t know who I am, Andrion,” Alezae said firmly. His face went blank, incredibly cold. “Leave me.”

She watched him go, he did not say anything further or even look over his shoulder. She watched him until he was completely out of sight.

A single tear leaked from her eye and traced down her cheek. Clenching her jaw, she brushed it away.

There was work to be done.

The End

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