Something is wrongMature

I read the letter and was gradually filled with horror at the words I was reading upon the page. My hand was trembling as I finished scanning the letters which combined to form a message which drowned me in bleak despair.

I looked up at the stranger and whispered "Something is wrong."

The man, called Andrion according to the letter, frowned in confusion. "But that is a letter of love. Surely you are happy?"

I shook my head. "This letter informs me that Tony cannot feel me. That is truly worrying for I cannot feel myself either. I feel empty: hollow inside. If Tony feels this way as well, then something terrible has happened. My soul united with his on the astral planes! I assumed it was living in his body, alongside his! But it that were so, he wouldn't struggle to find me. If my soul was with him, our connection wouldn't be diminished to words, he wouldn't have been stripped of me in either his memories or his dreams and I wouldn't be a shadow to him! Can you not see? Something is wrong!"

Andrion looked thoughtful, considering all that I said. Then, his expression became grave. "I fear that ... as well as Anthony's powers, Alezae has removed your soul."

"Oh no!" I cried.

"And as long as she has your soul," Andrion continued, "you cannot leave this place."

"What would happen if I tried?" I whispered fearfully.

Andrion looked impossibly graver and said "You would die, my child."

I burst into loud, racking sobs.

Andrion held me yet I felt no comfort.

"Hush, child," he murmured. "Tony will do everything in his power to get you out of here. And I shall aid him. Neither of us wants to see you suffer this way."

Andrion let go and stepped back. "Is there a message you would like me to give your beloved, child?"

I nodded, wiping my tears away with the back of my hand. "Tell him I love him."

Andrion bowed his head and disappeared.

I sank to the floor and somehow felt worse. Alezae had my soul!

The End

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