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My hand trembled as I pick up the pen; my fury of feelings almost wishes to tear my body apart, my physical pain melding with mental, emotional agony. I felt in a state such as I was standing at the edge of a cliff, ready to plunge into insanity.

Breathing deeply, I briefly glanced up to Andrion, watching with all patience, and then focus onto the paper. My heart was so full of indescribable things, my head a mangle of thoughts--how was I to express it all in words?

For a while I sat, staring at the blank paper and unsure of how to begin. I shook my head, and simply decided to dive in, at first my pen moving slowly and with great caution:

‘My Dearest Tiffany,’

I tore the paper aside, balling it up and grabbing another. None of those words seemed to apply. They seemed meaningless.


Was suitable enough. It was not the introduction itself that would matter, but the body which would apply. I sighed and truly started.

‘Our connection has diminished to words; the thing in which I believed before to be so meaningless, so worthless in meaning. Earlier, I believed words carried no weight. They could not express the true emotion, or the fullness of any issue. They created boxes within the mind.

The only way I may reach you now is through these words. Though as I sit here writing in this prison which captures my heart and soul and separates it from my other half, my better half, I feel my emotions rise with the flow of my pen, can almost see your eyes, or imagine the feeling of your rising and falling feelings. Now as I think, there are two words which carry such worth--Love and Hate. All other words and feelings branch from these two words. As I discovered this great Love for you, Alezae lectured me on the corruption of my soul, how I was falling into the “human trap”, or rather the draw of things Physical which Humans hold, such as Power, Jealousy, Lust, all coming from the root of Hate--mainly things evil or thought as “sinful”. Yet, meanwhile, since I have disobeyed her, she has felt now that I have “disrupted her seat of Power”, yet she does not admit such things herself. So now she has committed the same act of which she has accused me.

She is wrong about Humanly-feelings. Love and Hate are two roles which battle forever-more, balancing all the universe and beyond, only versions of Light and Darkness. Foolishly, many of our kind have refused to give in to this constant battle, though how is it, then, do we feel anything? For all of our developed intelligence, wide knowledge, it proves all err, that Intelligence itself is a never-ending staircase spiraling upwards.’

I paused, pondering over what I had said. In a fever of sorts, I had spilled out these words. Where was I heading with this?

‘I can almost hear your thoughts at this very moment, wondering what I am saying and where I am leading. I am trying to make sense of this disaster somehow, and even glean for myself a better understanding of what is going on. Though you have heard little snips of it in my own thoughts, have dipped into the topic only recently when we opened ourselves to one another so completely, I believe in the confusion of the moment there was no true understanding.

The Prophecy had been written long ago. Alezae believes it involves you and I. My Memory, at the moment, is weak, as if I have been stripped of pieces of myself--which in a way, I have--and I cannot recite the whole Prophecy at hand. But it simply states that by our connection, which has thus happened, it will disrupt the Balance long set it, and toss much of the Universe into Chaos and Darkness. Though it becomes clear to me that it is not the connection itself, the Love itself, but the afterward, the Hate, which will destroy and offset the Balance. Alezae has been blinded someway, that her actions are all for the Good, and all against her are for the Evil. This in itself leads toward Evil, whether she realizes it or not. By her reaction, by the Hate, it will lead to the separation of many, and a great Destruction.

I tell you know that I do not regret what we have done. I feel our situation at the present is though by my own Fault, and I feel Guilt for harming you in such a way as This. My Love for you is stronger then ever, stronger than these flimsy words can express. Words are cold, for still through this I cannot see how you react to these Words themselves, I cannot Feel your waves of Emotion, I cannot watch as your cheeks bloom like Roses as we hold hands, I cannot Feel your Presence, and I feel Empty. I have been stripped of not only pieces of myself, but You, who have become the Breath within me, my sole reason. I have been stripped of many of my Memories of You, like on occasions I reach for you in my mind and you are but a shadow. I cannot recall the smell of your hair, and even you are dragged from my dreams.

Though still I remember the Light of your eyes and the warmth of your Soul and Love. I grasp to every thought of You with fervor, and, when Time seemed not to matter to Me, every second when I am not with You, when I cannot feel You, each Second passes like a Millennium.

I Love You, Tiffany. I cannot Live without You.’

I swallowed, my throat burning, my heart literally aching inside my chest. With one swipe, I brushed aside the tears, but I could not keep one from heavily landing on the paper and staining it.

‘Keep Hope. Do not let yourself slip into Darkness, for once Hope is lost, Light will dissipate, and Shadows will eat you away until you are no more. Do not give in. Never give in, I beg you. I will work, I will not rest, until we will be reunited. As long as we keep HOPE, LIGHT and LOVE will prevail.

You may trust Andrion. He is like a Brother to me and has devoted himself to our cause. He will see it through that we are assisted, if it costs Everything. He will help us. If you need anything, ask him, and he will do his best to see it through.

Never give in. I shall always be Yours.

I LOVE You, more than any Words can say.

Tony ’



I sighed, closing the letter. By now, my gut ached as if someone was stabbing me again. My ears thudded, it felt like my veins and nerves were being knotted and pulled. I was being tortured.

Struggling against the pain, I handed it to Andrion. “Leave,” I said, pushing back from the table and stumbling to the bed. I closed my eyes, getting lost in the darkness. “Get it to her with all possible speed.”

I heard Andrion leave as I had commanded. In my head, I was running through a maze, eternally chasing after a Shadow with golden eyes, screaming her name over and over.


I materialized inside the prison cell, Tony’s letter in my hand. It was much different then Tony’s, I was surprised. It was cold and dark, water dripping and a damp, cool breeze whispering through the entire place. It took me a moment to notice the girl, curled in the corner with her legs pressed against her chest, her golden hair matted and cast over her face like a veil.

For a while, I stood silently, waiting until she noticed. Finally she lifted her head, almost like an untamed beast, a frightened fawn and looked at me with large, broken eyes. Broken was the only words that could describe her. Her face was tearstained, though it did not take away from any of her spectacular beauty, and her solemn, grey expression only added a darker, more entrancing look to her.

“Who are you?” she whispered, a whimper in the silence. I did not answer, and she stood, staring at me with wild eyes. “You are one of her minions, aren’t you. You’ve come to torture me further.” She paused, something of a determined look crossing her. “But you can’t. I’ve already been tortured beyond reckoning, I am in as much pain as you could ever put me in.”

Sympathy washed over me, but still I said nothing. Tears pulled at her eyes. “Kill me,” she murmured. “Kill me now. End it. I can’t…go on like this. Kill me.”

Alarmed, I stepped forward, though I kept my voice calm and even. “I can’t do that.”

She screamed, half crying, and charged me. Weakly, she pounded at me, only to collapse at my feet, weeping horribly. “Kill me! Please! Kill me!” she sobbed. “I have no reason to go on! Be rid of me!”

I knelt down, firmly, but gently, grasping her arm. “Quiet,” I said softly. “I am here to help.”

“Kill me then!” she looked up to me, her eyes still flooded with tears.

“Come,” I let go of her and stood up. “Stand up.”

She paused, but then followed my command. Sniffing, she remained some of her composure, unusually calm. “I just visited Anthony.” I said simply. Emotions ran rampant through her eyes, through her face, yet still she said nothing and waited. I held out the letter, “And this is for you.”

The End

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