I ran my hand over my face, exhaustion overwhelming me. What had Alezae done? What was she thinking?

I looked up; Anthony was shifting on his mattress, beginning to wake. Standing, I came closer to his bedside. "Tony," I reassured him. "Tony, I am here."

"Tiffany?" he briskly looked about, appearing lost and wounded somehow. "Tiffany? Where's Tiffany?" When he did not immeaditly see the girl, he began sitting up.

"Hold on a second; I will explain. Rest," I put my hand on his chest and gently pushed him down. Tony furrowed his brow, waiting.

When I did not immeaditly begin, he muttered, "Wh-where am I?"

I sighed, pausing. Looking about the room, I briefly studied it as I had earlier done upon first entering the place. It was like a great stone tower, the room formed into a small circle. Its walls seemed to reach endlessly toward the sky, there seemed to be no roof, only a black hole. The place was half-homey, with bookshelves spiraling up against the wall, filled with mainly useless things and blank, worldess books. It was all worthless fluff, covering the cold stone walls. In reality it was just a prison.

"You are trapped," I said bluntly. There was no other way of saying it. There was no way to sugar-coat it.

I could almost hear his heart beat quicken even more, alarm pulsing through his veins. I knew his next question. "She's trapped too."

"No!" cried Tony, pushing off my comforting hand. Desperation, panic, exploded overflowed through him. Defying my motion for him to calm, he stood. Instantaneously, he felt a severe pain in his gut, like a dagger stabbing him and being twisted continually inside him. He yelled out, his expression twisted in agony, and folded over, collasping onto the bed once more. Sweat formed at his brow, his face reddening. "I've-I've got to free her. I've got to do something."

I placed my hand on his arm, pity washing over me. Too did anger begin boiling, anger for what Alezae had done, and then determination to make things right again. "You are in no such state at the moment. Rest," I said quietly. There was a pause as Tony attempted to stuggle against the pain.

"I shall help you, Tony. No matter how long it takes, or it means the end of me, I will help you," I squeezed his arm, and he met my gaze, quickly nodding.

The End

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