Crime and PunishmentMature


Alezae gazed down at the two lovers ruthlessly, fire burning in her heart. The worst had happened; the final step complete. Her own brother had seemingly taken a knife and lunged it into her chest.

The girl clung to his arm-pathetic, frightened little thing. She felt no sympathy for her. And there he stood, his feet strongly planted and his hold firm upon her. His eyes bore into Alezae, yet she felt oddly mystified by the girl’s own eyes, liquid gold and pure. Alezae shook them off; it only increased her fury.

Anthony decided not to answer her. Smart. His flimsy explanations would only anger her more. She knew what he did-exactly the opposite of what she said. Now she must make them pay. Crime and punishment. Perhaps it was the only way to lessen-or even reverse-the effects of their wretched maneuver.

Her brother forced her to hold his gaze in the intense silence. All seemed to be communicated wordlessly, her anger feeling to be popping and crackling in the air all around her. I love her, Alezae, came the slight murmur of his voice, tugging at the back of her mind.

Damn you, she hissed.

She had enough of his mind-games, something of which he was a master. “Enough! You will pay for your wrongs, Anthony…..the both of you will.” Anthony shifted-she could feel his confidence waver every so slightly. Frowning, she held out her hand, palm up towards them. Energy gathered at her fingertips, and both of them stiffened.

“Wait!” Andrion threw back his hood, stepping out of their formation. “What are you doing?”

“Step back Andrion!” Alezae cried; the power was getting stronger, her hand nearly trembling, dying to release it all in one moment. “I am stopping this madness!”

“Madness! I believe it is you who have become mad!” he replied, stepping closer and putting a hand on her arm. Gritting her teeth, she thrust him back with a twitch of her wrist, sending him flying several feet and using some of that gathered power which was becoming so heavy on her.

Glancing briefly about her, she flicked her fingers and in one motion, an orb, silver and shimmering like water, was in her palm. At the same moment, it seemed that Anthony crumpled, folding like a piece of paper, and dropped to the ground. The girl shrieked, dropping to his side and taking him in her arms, as he seemed to convulse, his eyes rolled back in his head. She felt a twinge of pity, and a bit of remorse at what she had done. Anthony trembled on the ground in an endless amount of pain, all before their eyes.

“What have you done!” screamed the girl, a veil of tears blurring her eyes.

“Taken a piece of him, his ’powers’, you may call it, for my safe keeping,” answered Alezae smoothly. The girl‘s face was struck with horror. “You two will be virtually harmless without it. Do not fret, he will wake soon, but be as timid as a regular mortal should. Though we will have to keep you separated; your connections with one another dulled. Just in case.”

She wept, a rage of tears coming freely from her eyes. “You’re evil!” she screamed, clinging to Anthony as Alezae gestured for Moryn to step forward and take her away. “No!” the girl continued, pulling his nearly limp body to her. Cloaked Moryn wordlessly placed his hands upon her arms, in one swift motion drawing her away with his strength. She fought fiercely, yelling through her tears, yet it was no use. Meanwhile Alezae coolly watched the girl dragged away, now almost braced by Moryn. With a simple nod, he tossed away his cloak, bore his pearl wings, and bent skywards.

Slowly did she step forward, not caring of the others watching, and toward over Anthony, appearing meek and helpless upon the ground. Sweat soaked his hair, the color had left his face, his expression contorted in pain. Alezae adjusted the orb in her hand, her own face blank. “This was of your own choice, Tony,” she murmured.

I love her, Alezae, his thought echoed in her head. She wondered if this was of his doing. But she doubted it, he was nearly unconscious.

Damn you, Tony. Damn you. She repeated, but it was only to herself. She sniffed, a tear tugging at her eye. “Take him away,” Alezae said quietly.

“What?” Dalrious was the only one brave enough to reply.

“Take him away!” she whipped around, her voice incredibly high in both volume and pitch. “Do not simply stand around! Do it!”

Dalrious and another moved forward, the pair taking Anthony by the arms and lifting him-his figure appearing like a solemn, fallen angel. Silently, they followed the path of Maryon and departed.

“You have become someone who you are not,”

“Quiet, Andrion. The deed is done. Your words are worth nothing.” Alezae did not bother to meet his eye, staring off into the night.

The End

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