Be Mine Forever.....Mature

That evening I found her in the park, waiting as the stars arched above us, faded moonbeams trickling through the canopy of leaves. I walked slowly to her, her emotions open to me. Excitement mainly of all, yet I found a strange anxiety trilling through her. As I neared, something seemed…..unusual. Unusually empty about her body itself, but I could still feel her soul. It seemed in the wrong place though and I couldn’t put my finger on exactly where it was.

She turned to face me, smiling widely. “Good evening,” Tiffany murmured.

I smiled lightly, still curious about her. “What’s wrong?” she sensed my suspicion, and her nervousness heightened.

Stepping closer to her, I didn’t answer, my brow furrowed. I could almost reach for it….reach for her soul……

Tiffany nearly jumped as I quickly snatched at her pocket and in a blink held a small dolphin figurine in my hand. “What is this!” I yelled furiously, clenching it in my fist. It throbbed and glowed. I leaped where I was, opening my hand. It began to melt into my skin; I could begin to feel the connection between us deepen. Gasping, I tossed it away before it go any further, letting roll across the ground.

“What have you done!?” I panted, temptation to take the figurine and anger that she would ever do such a thing tore me apart, and she could feel it.

“I-I-I,” she began, her eyes wide and frightful. Dejected, Tiffany lowered her eyes to the ground. “I want to give you my soul.” Before I could answer, she met my eye again, something of a determination in her face. “It is what I want to do. You say you love me! And I love you! Why do we not connect ourselves to one another so that we may love completely unconditionally? Why not!”

“Because! It is the most dangerous….dangerous…it’s just dangerous!”  I shook with fury, turning and punching the nearest tree. The bark cracked under my knuckles, the tree snapping in half and toppling over. I stood breathing hard, everything tense in my body as I refused to look at her.

Tiffany whimpered, her soft cries bringing my back to my senses. I slowly looked back to her, she was bent over slightly with her head in her hands. Sighing, I walked back over to her, standing just before her. She wept, tossing herself into my embrace as I opened my arms to her. “I-I don’t understand,” she choked through her tears.

“Shhh,” I cooed to her, stroking her hair and rubbing her back. “I’m sorry.”

“Why can’t we do it; it’s so cruel!” Tiffany looked up to me, her face streaked and eyes shining with tears.  She whispered, “I don’t understand.”

I gently broke away from her, taking the dolphin from the ground and offering it to her. “No,” she shook her head defiantly. “It’s yours.”

Taking her hand, I opened it and placed the figure on her palm. I longed to take it, I longed to take her, I longed to open myself to her and be hers as well, to love without worrying. “I will help you understand, remember?” I muttered, closing her hand around her soul and rubbing her fingers. “Please don’t do that again… hurts me.” I sighed. “More than ever, I will want to more and more connect myself to you now that you’ve done this. And it’s dangerous! If-if-if I beg you to give yourself to me, say no. Say no even if I may plead and plead.” I closed my eyes. “I fear if I lose control of myself-as it is easy to do it around you-I may become reckless. And then I must trust you to be strong. Alright?”

She looked slightly afraid, looking down. “I’m sorry,” she whispered.

I gently took her face in my hands, wiping her wet eyes with my thumbs. “So shall I help you understand now?” I said after a moment.

Her earlier excitement returned and she nodded briskly. “Alright,” I smiled, stepping closer to her and embracing her tightly. “Now hold on….not just with your hands, but reach for my soul and hold onto it. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.”

She chuckled slightly, pressing her smaller form against mine. I kissed the top of her head, as I reached for her soul (currently in the form of the dolphin figurine) and she for mine. As I closed my eyes, we instantly seemed to take off, wind rushing all around us and seemingly trying to pull us apart. Our souls danced, intertwining each other as we soared across the astral planes.   Tiffany seemed to start getting lost, confused, her soul seeming to slip from mine. Her thoughts were a blur, mixed and frightened. “Hold on!” I yelled to her. The strength and the sound of my voice cleared her slightly and she gripped more tightly to me.

Finally all the spinning seemed to stop, and we stood on a plain of rippling emerald grass, a silver stream weaving its way through the land. We were holding each other’s hands, the most beautiful sky-filled with the largest, crispest stars, colorful planets, and great suns and moons moving slowly and quickly at the same time-all around us. Tiffany gasped, breathing, “So amazing.”

I looked to her, my heart catching. Her hair and eyes glistened gold, as if she was a totally different person. Her skin was clear and smooth; she was completely free of any blemishes.  She was the most beautiful sight in the world…..she had become who she really was.

“You’re….so amazing,” I whispered, awestruck. She glanced to me, meeting my eyes, coloring slightly. I reached up and touched her cheek, caressing her silken skin. Tiffany seemed to melt, coming closer to me. I forgot everything, kissing her as the most passion I had ever felt seared inside me. I pulled her closer to me, our hearts racing, beating together. I reached for her soul with mine, and eagerly did she offer it. They wove into each other, just like that first kiss, digging deeper into one another and intensifying my desire for her.  We were lost in one another, entwined in each other spiritually and physically.  We were in the grass, on top of one another, kissing. It was all an amazing blur. I was free, free with her.

“Be mine,” I murmured into her mind. “Be mine forever, my Love.”

The End

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