Alezae's CommandMature

Pillars stood like Stonehenge around them, statuesque shadows reaching for the starlit sky. A breeze ruffled the grey grass, the seemingly endless plains, and the dark cloaks of the Council-expressions hidden by hoods-though the pillars stood strong and unmoving. Unwavering to the test of time.

Alezae stood frozen like the grand symbols, gazing over the shadowed figures all around her with cool, unrelenting eyes. For long did they all stand silent; waitng, watching.

"Now we must do what I do not wish," Alezae's voice pierced through the quiet. She sighed, exasperated. "Capture the girl. Remove her so that Anthony cannot reach her. And all of this must be done while he is not about to.....intervene."

"Anthony will be upset beyond belief! He will tear the stars from the sky in anger if he is how you say!" called out Andrion, as Alezae had expected him to do. He never appeared satisfied, was a constant thorn in her side....and a certain pain in her heart. "And if this is true, he will always be with her someway. It will take an eternity to do as you command!"

"Then so be it!" she retorted sharply. "As long as you accomplish this mission before they make the dreaded Final Step towards Doom."

She gazed over all of them with strongly, as if to enforce her will. "It shall be done-do not consider Anthony at this time, I shall deal with him. Get the girl."

They all stood, not moving, not making a noise. "Go! Be gone, and get it done!" Alezae waved her hand. In one motion, all tossed away their dark cloaks, bore their  wings of white and took flight into the sky, disappearing into the stars like swirling smoke. Exhausted, she dropped into her chair, hiding her face in her hands.

All had gone except one. She looked up catiously, somewhat annoyed, to see Andrion still standing there. He stepped closer to where she stood so that he faced her eye-to-eye. Andrion tossed back his hood to reveal his golden eyes and silver hair, like moonbeams, filled with the wisdom and strength of the passing ages. His presence made her feel uncomfortable.

"Your choice may not be the most.....proper solution for this situation. You may only make the end result worse," warned Andrion gently.

She reddened, not having the energy to retort. His words made her feel more guilty and wary, but her hard-headed determination was already bent and she was strongly convinced it was the right way. "I can understand your point," Alezae managed to reply, the bitterness lacking in her voice. "Though I am confident in my choice."

He sighed. "You are still somewhat young Alezae. You are very much like your mother in your ways." His eyes held hers, intruging and amazingly soft. Alezae shifted in her seat, looking away. Andrion took her hand as if to capture her attention. It did. No words were shared as they simply looked to one another. They seemed to stay frozen in their positions for the longest time, his eyes feeling to melt her soul slightly. "That is why your Father headed the Council," muttered Andrion, somewhat of a humor tinting his voice. His words only hardened and enfuriated her once more.

"Beware, Alezae," Andrion stepped away, letting go of her hand. "You say your brother has lost hold of his emotions, though I suspect it is you." With that, he flicked off his cloak and unfurled wings of silver, heading for the sky and out of sight.

The End

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