Wonderfully CloserMature

We were wonderfully closer, Tony and I. Our souls were like two overlapping circles of a Venn Diagram, the part in the middle area full of bliss which radiated out love to the astral plane surrounding it.

There was brilliant confusion as our thoughs no longer seemed to be distinctly mine or distinctly Tony's. One thing was for certain. We were in love with each other.

But then Tony spoilt everything by not telling me about the so-called prophecy! What was it? I wanted to know! It could affect our relationship and such problems needed dealing with fast. But he wouldn't tell me, even when I let go of his hand and glared at him.

But then he made it all better by appealing to another side of my curiosity. The romantic side... He asked me if he could take me somewhere. Gosh, he could take me anywhere if he talked the way he did to me.

Oh, I loved him. All I could think about was the way that he caused me to experience a tugging sensation in the pit of my stomach (where I fancied my soul was situated since my conscience made itself known on occasion in that area). Even when I was with him, I was longing for him. Longing for more and more of his love. I would give myself to him completely without hesitation, eagerly anticipated the day he would allow me to give him all of my soul.

So it was frustrating that he wouldn't tell me things, that there were things I shouldn't know. He knew me: every part of me. I would never hide anything from him.

When the time came for him to leave (he muttered something that didn't make sense, about a stupid sister),  I felt both impossibly more in love with him and extremely infuriated.

But in his absence, there was something I wished to do. I hurried down to the local market and found a stall I had been considering visiting ever since I had known I could give Tony my soul. The stall was owned by an elderly wizard who always wore a violet cloak and a pointed hat.

"Sir," I said, panting, "I want to put my soul into an object to give to the one I love."

The wizard frowned. "This is a very serious thing you talk of."

I pulled out five gold coins. "This is what I will pay you."

The man looked bewildered. Then he nodded and beckoned for me to follow him into his large striped tent.

Inside there was a table and a box of assorted objects, including a long thin stick of wood, a fortune-teller's crystal ball and a witch's cauldron. Obviously, the wizard was multi-talented.

The man pulled several items out of this box, none being the above-mentioned, and placed them on the table. There was a silver dolphin, a golden eagle and a brass elephant, all roughly the size of my fist. Great: that was most convenient.

"Choose your vessel for your soul," the man said gravely, accepting my payment.

I chose the dolphin. I liked to think my soul was free and that tying it to Tony would show eternal commitment and that I had thought seriously about this decision.

"Close your eyes," the wizard instructed.

I did so. I heard him rummage around in the box again and the next moment, I felt a tap in between my breasts. Suddenly, it felt like something was coming out, like a liquid but one which caused friction as it left my body, rather as if a rope was being pulled out of my chest. As the substance flowed, I began to feel ... empty. I still felt the ability to feel emotion, but I felt like the emotion would be hollow. I also began to feel quite tired. When all of the substance had left me (leaving a great hole in the pit of the stomach where I'd suspected the soul to be), I sagged to the floor and promptly fell asleep.

I awoke and opened my eyes to find myself on a sofa I hadn't noticed before. The wizard handed me the silver dolphin which felt warm to the touch. I ignored the feeling that something was missing from me, and tucked the dolphin into a clever little pocket which had a button. I did the button up, thanked the man and left the tent.

Later that day, Tony came and found me in the park, where I had been eagerly anticipating our activities tonight.

The End

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