I Love You!Mature



“I love you,” Tiffany turned to me abruptly that afternoon. I turned to her, not helping to smile. Waves of warmth, rich in affection, washed over me-her words were not trivial, they were heavy with the weight of feeling and deep in tender love that ruled above all else. All along, I had known our connection was not any regular physical attraction, but love in the deepest sense of the word and our souls were already sharing something of a connection, not only by the interchanging of the rings and the small pieces of ourselves, but also the bond of Love.

“I love you, as well,” I squeezed her hand in mine. The words were more then just meaningless things they usually were, they were more. I leaned over and kissed her again and again, it seemed that whenever I was near I couldn’t stop myself. Her continual waves of love reached through my body and soul like warm honey, thick and sweet.

Long did we walk, much of it in silence as we opened our minds to one another. We reveled in the slight touch of our minds and souls, even the contact of our fingers as they were intertwined. Our bond was the strongest beside one another, touching hands, and the fluctuation of her sensations, mainly high and happy, melded with mine until it seemed the lines between us had blurred. I longed for us to be more together-or was it Tiffany that thought that? Or was it the both of us? I was unsure of what my own feelings were at the time, melding with hers. Though I knew that I did desire to be closer to her at all times, a want of my soul and of my heart. I would have to defy the prophecy….

The prophecy?

Anxious, I tucked the thought away, but it only made it worse.

Can’t know what? What are you hiding?

“What are you hiding from me?” she demanded.

I reached for her, taking her hand again. Tiffany glared warily at me. “Please, you would not understand at this time. I will tell you when I may…..,”

“Can’t you help me understand?”

I paused. An idea sprung into my head. “Perhaps,” I said slowly. She cocked her head slightly, listening and somewhat hopeful. I smiled. “Can I take you somewhere tonight?” My words sounded unusually romantic….

I could hear her heart race, and feel her emotions rise. “Sure,” she said, trying to be casual, but she could not hide the flutter of feeling in her voice.

I kissed her fingers, once on the ring I had given her. Love swirled in her head as she opened herself once more to me; she could not hide her wonder at where I was taking her or the anticipation of where to, somewhat frustrated as I playfully stowed away the information.

Where are we going?

You don’t like surprises?

She pouted, giving me a stern look.

Can I kiss you?No. She turned her face away in something of a mock defiance.

I laughed, taking her chin in my hands and turning her face to mine. She did as I bade without resistance. Before I could make my move, she reached up and pressed her lips onto mine. Eagerly, I kissed her back, loosing myself out upon her nearly in full.I shall show you stars like you have never known.

I continued to kiss her with vigor. I love you, I love you, I love you! I cooed to her, my heart singing.

I  ran my hands down her back as hers traced through my hair. She didn’t seem to hear, lost in our kiss. 'In such a way we shall not defy the prophecy….' I murmured to myself tucking that thought away so she couldn’t hear it. Tiffany didn’t seem to notice.

The End

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