What Love Should BeMature

 "Love should be unconditional."

 Came her whispering voice, kissing me gently upon the cheek. Her sadness overwhelmed me, waking me from my half sleep. I listened quietly to her words, still and silent as if I slept. Oh! Only if I could make her happy, always. Anger welled up inside me, almost hard to restrain inside my head. The Universe! Pah! Balance, Order! Duty! What does it all matter! All my existence I have been a role of Duty, Balance, Order.

 I calmed myself, somewhat alarmed at these thoughts of mine. That is how the Others had failed many times before upon this planet, with the humans. They had shattered their souls, and instead of helping them, they further pulled them into a mess.

 I sighed, frustrated and torn. But a must do something. I couldn't bear hurting Tiffany any further.


 Golden rays of light fell lazily through the window panes.  The warm morning sunshine played beautifully on Tiffany's sleeping expression, quiet, her thoughts lost in the lull of dreams. I did not know how long I lay there, staring, until her eyes fluttered open to stare at me. "Morning," I murmured, taking my thumb and running it across her soft cheek. She half smiled, something of a depression still weighing down over her and veiling her eyes.

 "Please don't be sad anymore," I continued, holding her gaze as I opened my fist before her eyes, a delicate golden ring laying in my palm. "I will promise you something."

 Her heart started beating, eagerness flooding through her. I went on, "Rings are of significant importance and symbolism to humans, I know. They signify something of a.....bondage, yes?" I took her hand in mine, slipping the ring onto one of her fingers. "But this is not any oridnary ring-it is not just a symbol. It is more. By this, whenever I am not around, you shall feel my presence. For inside it, lies a piece of... myself.

 "And in your other hand, you will find an identical ring. If you decide to bestow it upon me, you shall have some of your wish to bind a piece of us together." Wonder, happiness flooded her as she opened her own hand. Without hesitation, she put it on my own hand. "And by this, I promise that one day, sometime in the future, we will be able to bind to one another completely and wholly."

  She kissed me, and I returned the gesture. I closed my eyes, reveling in the sweetness of it as the fingertips of our souls brushed each other. She continued to thrust herself more and more upon me. But still, you must keep your promise to me-for now, I warned her. Tiffany withdrew slightly, something of a disappointment tainting our joy. We pulled away, though the tips of our souls were now eternally touching, a slight connection that would tie us together in a small, yet large way.

There were footsteps in the hallway. Alarm pulsed through her, and thus now directly into me. "It's my mom. You need to go," she urged.

"Good-bye," I whispered, kissing her lightly once more. "I will return as soon as I can."

"You promise?"

"I swear!" I vowed, smiling, her own smile the last thing I saw as I disappeared from sight.

The End

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