Temptation, Desire, and DisobedienceMature

 Alezae's words stung me like the bite of a sword. She didn't understand. She would never understand.

 It was not long before I returned myself to Earth, to wander back to Tiffany. I could not stand being separated from her for an extended amount of time. Indeed, I must step more softly though, as not to alert Alezae.

 I arrived in the murky darkness, soft moonlight trickling through a nearby window to illuminate a small room, Tiffany's form resting in a nearby bed. It felt like an endless amont of time had passed, but it appeared only early morning here. Her dreams trickled into my mind, jumbled, beautiful things, my face appearing in some of them. A smile twitched on my lips, and I slowly walked to her bedside, sitting upon the mattress gently. Carefully, I brushed some of her soft hair with my hand, moving it away so that I could see her sleeping face, her beautiful eyes veiled by her lashes.

Slowly, I bent close to her, placing my lips at her ear. "I am here, my Sleeping Beauty...," I whispered, still stroking her hair. A smile shifted on her face, her dreams strengthening with images of me and the kisses that we had shared. I came even closer to her, my blood burning beneath my skin, placing a small kiss upon her own lips.

Her eyes fluttered open, shimmering in the darkness. "Hello....," I murmured. "I could not stay away for very long."

 Tiffany smiled, her emotions jumping in a giddy flair at our intimacy. "I don't mind." Of course I don't mind....stay with me forever....

A wave of desire washed over both her and me, feeling safe and protected from the eyes of the world in the shadows. I forgot Alezae and her wicked words, I denied them. I opened myself slightly to Tiffany, conveying all my love and passion in a harder, intense kiss. I love you, Tiffany. I allowed her to hear my own thoughts. Do not be sad.....I do not wish to hurt you. Ever.

She kissed me back, reaching for my soul once more. Our arms entwined, though I warned her, Please...remember your promise. Do not get overwhelmed....we...we..really must be more careful....

I ran my hands over her, and her over me. We were so close-our bodies, our souls. Though I held our souls back from entangling again, so that it may not result in the physical pain of withdrawl once more. "Careful?" she breathed, as I ran my lips across her neck and over her collarbone. Physical desire was overwhelming me.... "What do you....what you..you..."  Her words, mind was becoming trippy, as if she was drunk and couldn't work, think, speak straight. It alerted me that I may be going too far. I briefly paused, yet held her to me.

"Shhhh....," I held her in a tight embrace, calming her. "I perhaps stepped a bit far. I really need to learn to refrain myself....."  I kissed her hair, running my fingers over her arm and her skin. "It is....so hard around you."

She was silent, though I could hear her heart racing, hearing her own desirous thoughts. It made me want to kiss her again, but I was beginning to worry. "We must be more careful, really. If I step too far.....I may be in danger of never seeing you again."

The End

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