Facing AlezaeMature

 I hated leaving her in such a state-so unhappy. I hated leaving her, period. Like I was leaving a piece of me behind.

 I disappeared, quite miserable myself. Why did this have to be so hard? Was Love always this way? Both bliss and pain? 

 Certainly I did not want to see Alezae at this time, doing my best to slip through the galaxies and across the plains of space and time without her noticing. Hah-it sounded somewhat amusing and ridiculous from the human prespective, which I had come to think in now. Everything was so much bigger than the words the humans used, the thoughts they had, caged in by their bodily minds. Perhaps that was why it was so hard for Tiffany and I. She couldn't understand why I was doing these things.

 Disappointment flooded me when I felt the strings of my soul yanked, Alezae's words reaching into my mind, "Where do you think you're going? Come here at this moment!"

 Frustrated, I did what I was told, everything swirling around me before I stood in front of her, just as I had done for the past....forever. By now I was terribly sick of her. "What do you think you're doing! I told you to tread lightly-you've done the opposite! Has she given you her soul yet?"

 "No,"  I sharply replied. "I am treading lightly. I am doing everything I can, Alezae. I have a feeling there is a reason I need to be with her."

 She ran her hand over her face, exasperated. "You show bodily feeling towards her-this 'love'. What next? Greed, hunger for power, hate, evil? With your powess and knowlegde, you could destroy the Order, and the universe itself! You know the prochecy as well as I, Anthony...."  Alezae paused, and then said in a mocking tone, "Or should I call you, Tony?" 

Anger burned inside me, almost as much as desire did for Tiffany. "I can control myself, Alezae. You know that," I grumbled through gritted teeth, clenching and unclenching my fists.

"Beware," Alezae straightened, stony and cold in her words. "If you get too out of hand, I will take away your ability to possess a human body and thus be unable to return to Earth. You were assigned there many times for your trustworthiness and level-headedness. You have become what the Others have, and I fear you will fail and ruin even more than Them. Easily I will take away your might and seperate you if I must."

"You can't do that!"

She laughed. "Yes, yes I can Anthony. If you threaten to tip the Balance, I will do what I may to stop you." Annoyed, she waved her hand. "Begone! And step carefully, for your own sake if not for Everything." 

The End

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