Love ... and ConfusionMature

"I am one sent on missions of great importance to the universe."

What?! "The universe?!" I cried, suddenly afraid that Tony would have some obligation which would take him away from me, from my heart which ached to belong to him. His significance in the world begged a question. I expressed my curiosity through the words "But... then what are you doing here?"

He didn't reply. The questions ran around in my mind, being added to as more ideas struck me (I had always had a great imagination) and increasing as none were answered.

"Where do you come from?" This was but one of those questions.

"Shall I show you?" he asked. He stepped forwards.

My heart started pounding wildly in my chest. If being shown things meant him coming closer, I wanted him to show me everything. I nodded.

To my amazement and delight, he leant in and kissed me.  

I caught a brief image of stars blazing like fires and dancing in a beautiful night sky before the sensations overrode our thoughts. Everything that I had ever dreamed about came alive in that kiss, the oceans which shone like sapphires, the glorious scent of lavender, the surreal feel of my skin being caressed by open cerulean sky, and the moment was perfect bliss. Tony, in that instant, became everything I wanted, everything I needed (the air I breathed, the water I consumed, the heartbeat which had accelerated to implausible velocities), and started feeling like everything I was as our souls floated in towards each other across the astral plane which had opened up between us like water drawn into a whirlpool. We seemed so perfect for each other. Suddenly, I felt Tony's apprehension. I was confused by this: nothing bad was happening and how could anything like this be wrong or dangerous. I kept kissing him back, wanting to immerse myself in his ... essence, drown in his soul. His mind was a fascinating world of pictures that didn't make sense to me but would one day, since our fates could be nothing other than tied together. I opened up to him completely, showing him everything about me so that he would know that I would never keep secrets from him. I let him into the deepest parts of my mind, and was almost frustrated that his thoughts were whirring around so fast that I couldn't read or hear them. I tried to see deeper, push open doors with the intensity of the love that I felt, but everything was too blurred as metaphorical pictures inspired by our emotions raced around our minds.

All of a sudden, he broke away. I briefly felt pain: pain so sharp that it was as if Tony's soul was being ripped out. I didn't understand the agony. How could something so wonderful hurt him so much? He was gasping, perspiring, shaking, and then he collapsed.

"Tony!" I cried. "What's wrong?"

He struggled into a sitting position. "I'm fine," he replied. "Are you alright?"

His question bewildered me - he was the one on the ground. I felt like I was soaring, still reliving the thrills, the pleasure and the ardour that had been felt (shared, conveyed and received) in the kiss.

I nodded. "What was that?" I asked, intrigued as well as amazed by the experience we had just had. "What was all that?"

I longed for him to kiss me again, but I was terrified of the inexplicable and torturous pain it may cause him.

"I'm sorry-the fault was mine," he told me.

The fault? A bizarre way to describe something so magical that my heart was still singing elatedly. I said nothing and helped him to his feet. Alarmingly, I felt him sway giddily.

"Did you see it? The place? With all the millions of stars?" he asked as I took him to the waterfall to help him recover.

I had almost forgotten the brief glimpse of stars which shone like sparkling diamonds in the sun in the wild sensations which had overwhelmed me afterwards, but I focused on the picture and nodded.

 "Yes, briefly," I replied. "A beautiful place. Are you sure you're alright?"

"I'm better now," he answered. "One day maybe I'll take you there."

I beamed. "I would love that."


Even before he had stated his request, I knew that I would do anything for him, in love with him as I was. "Yes?" I gazed intently into his eyes, hoping to convey my new discovery.

"Please, I beg of you...," He trailed off, evidently hearing my thoughts. He made a face, which puzzled me, and reached out to hold my hand.

I felt myself blush. My thoughts became a jumbled mass of incoherency.

"Do not be quick to give yourself away."

The End

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