"Yes?" she looked into my eyes, deep and wide. For a moment, I feared if I stared at them for too long, I would be lost in them. I felt I knew everything about her, as our souls had opened onto one another, she had spilled herself onto me and was close to given herself away. It was cause for extraordinary concern.

 "Please, I beg of you....," I paused. Yes? Anything, Tony. I grimaced, reaching for her hand. She flushed red, her thoughts melting and spinning as they always did when we touched. "Do not be quick to give yourself away."

 She appeared shocked, and for a moment, withdrew her hand from mine. As quickly as she did that, I took it back, holding it between mine most endearingly. I knew so much about her now, that I have known her for the longest time. I was more in love with her then ever. "You love me, you do. And....I love you in return. But you haven't the slightest idea of who I am, and how....I could hurt you."

"I don't need to!" Tiffany cried passionately. "What more must I know?"

"You are so open, willing, so unknowing, so sweet," I murmured, the seriousness dropping from my tone as I kissed her fingers. I started, snapping back to my former position, "We must both learn restraint-you because easily one more powerful then you could easily take your soul and destroy it, and I because I fear that I could become dangerous to you. You should be frightened and wary of me."

"But I am not," she said sadly. How are you dangerous to me?

"You have met me but only a short while ago,"  I ran my fingers over hers, interweaving them and holding them tight. "Your soul is precious, you must guard it and not dare ever give it away so simply." I kissed her hand once again. She was begging for more, offering food to a hungry beast. I so wanted to take her for her offer, I wanted to do as she asked. She had placed a hook in my heart and was pulling at it; I didn't want to fight it. Gritting my teeth almost, I set her hand aside, "Even to me."

"But...," Tiffany looked down, somewhat dejected. Why? You said you loved me?

I took both her hands briskly in mine, forcing her to look at me. "I love you, Tiffany. I do. I cannot think straight. When I am with you, I am crazed inside, when I am without you, I yearn for you. You don't know how this pains me! I am asking this because I love you."  I reached over and kissed her passionately, just as she had imagined, just what I had saw in her dreams when she had opened herself to me. Though this time I kept a secure barrier before us. She kissed back with the most fiery desire, putting her arms around me as I did the same to her. I pulled away before it became to much; it felt like I was ripping my soul from her again. "Please, for me?"

She hesitated, but she soon nodded, "Yes. I will."

I smiled, lightly kissing her once more. "Guard yourself, my Love. Never allow yourself ever to be compromised."


an iron grasp around my,


beating, burning for,


I will wander the universe for


I will do anything for


I must restrain myself for


For You and only

You, my Love.


The End

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