What Are You?Mature

 "What are you?"

  That question had been pestering her for quite some time, I knew. I had been thinking of an answer all the way here, but still didn't put together a coherent one that would make sense. I paused, looking away from her searching eyes, her searching thoughts continued to stream into my mind...how much she was infatuated by me, how much she wanted to kiss me.....her desire urged on my own passion for her, the love of which the humans spoke. I tried desperatly to focus on an answer in all my emotion, increased and weighted down by her own fiery feelings and endless thoughts. Never had one person made me so near to lose my sanity in one moment!

 I returned my eyes back upon her. "It is hard for me to describe it in terms that you would understand....as a human."  Am I stupid? her put off thoughts came, clearly not satisfied. I grimaced, trying again, "I am....very important." My thoughts ran across of what my sister had earlier said, "Like the sun in which the planets orbit about."

 "Like an angel? A God?" Are you human? Are you anything? Are you a dream?

  I smiled. "Something of an angel, you could say. My soul....is of a high placing, I assume you could call it.....I am one sent on missions of great importance to the universe."

 "The universe!" she cried. "But....then what are you doing here?"

  Good question...I am really not sure. Could this be some sort of mission in disguise? Fate has some reason for it? It always does....there is always reason. I felt my heart soar at some sort of realization, that for whatever reasoning, I was supposed to be here, with Tiffany. She was special, I could see. Maybe I was meant to be with her. Lost in my own thoughts, I was pulled abruptly from them when Tiffany's impatient ones came though, I still don't understand....missions in the universe? Where do you come from? What are you?

  "Where do you come from?" she voiced  a piece of her own thoughts. Her honesty and willingness to share and question without reserve impressed and intruged me. Thoughout my existence I had never met a human soul like hers. Or perhaps a soul, period. It all made my feelings and interest for her increase terribly.

 "Shall I show you?" I stepped forward. She tensed, her thoughts quickening in pace as I closed the gap between us. Tiffany nodded, her enthusiatic, anxious thoughts prodding me on and nearly shouting with excitement in my own mind.  Cautiously, I leaned over, kissing her gently on the lips as images of the strange place in which I came streamed from my mind to hers as our minds connected so that I may show her. I lost my concentration, unprepared for a tornado of her emotions, thoughts bombarded me in full. Her passion, her burning desire mixed with mine, intensifying ten-fold. My kiss had become everything that she dreamed of, I became everything she wanted, as it felt as we melded into one. Alarm coursed through me, though the warmth of her own soul and mind was more pleasurable than anything I had ever felt before, the closeness, the interweaving of them was dangerous. The image had already slipped from my mind, and our crazed feelings were colliding in the most trecherous fashion. The tendrils of her golden soul were beginning to infringe into mine, reaching for it. She wasn't holding back anything whatsoever, clawing deeper and deeper into me.

 Pain stabbed me like a dagger as I did my best to withdraw from her-no, I shouldn't have opened myself and her up to one another so easily, with her so willing. And why did I decide to kiss her when I could've simple done it by a touch of hands? It was an unwise thing to do. It was pain, the most horrible pain I had ever felt, as I disconnected, keeping it upon me so that she would feel none. It seemed I had come back to my physical body, rather than lost in the openness of our hearts and souls. We were close to one another, our bodies pressed against one another in an odd tangled embrace. She was wide-eyed and somewhat frightened, though exhilarated passion dominated over any fears, which scared me more than anything for her sake. The physical pain was still horrible, sweat pouring down my forehead as I panted, my limbs trembling. They didn't feel to work any longer and I collapsed on the ground, the whole scene swirling around me in great torrents.

Tiffany cried out bending at my side. "Tony! What's wrong?"

I clenched my jaw, pushing myself up. The color was drained from her face. "I'm fine. Are you alright?"

She nodded hurriedly. "What was that? What was all that?" She wanted for me to kiss her again, but she was afraid that it may hurt me.....

"I'm sorry-the fault was mine," I answered, punching myself mentally. I slowly stood, Tiffany helping me by the arm as a fit of dizziness nearly overwhelmed me. "Did you see it? The place? With all the millions of stars?" I inquired as she assisted me closer to the water, the spray of the cascasding falls cooling my face and helping me to regain my senses better.

She had almost forgotten in the reminiss of the kiss, but she soon nodded, "Yes, briefly. A beautiful place. Are you sure you're alright?"

"I'm better now," I answered. "One day maybe I'll take you there."

She smiled widely, "I would love that."  I would love to be anywhere with you, I will go anywhere with you....her thoughts continued to come at me in full. Anxiety filled me. Tiffany was ready to give herself up to me. It was dangerous. I needed to help her to protect herself better, even against me. She didn't realize it, but I was dangerous to her at a certain point. If I had let her further into me then I had without much control, it could have ended badly.

'What are you?

An angel? A dream?'

To comprehend it,

To understand it,

Would be hard;

and if you saw me,

for who I am and what I do,


would you still love me,

as you do?




The End

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