I turned from my sister's presence, fuming at her words. No, Tiffany could not be the one from the Prophecy. Though she did radiate that 'inner beauty, a heart like the many sparkling facets of Stars'  I swallowed; Alezae may be correct in the fact I must tread lightly, though I could still see her again. I must keep the promise I made, yes?

  For I moment, I paused, watching the orbiting planets, colors of the rainbow, drift through the air. The sky was clear, the stars brilliant. They reminded me of Tiffany's stained glass eyes, a portal into her soul....

 I clenched my jaw; its as if she still lingered with me, a reflection of her which remained in my mind. Never had I seemed so obsessed with something or someone, like the tendrils of her heart still gripped to me, calling me and pulling me toward her. I almost felt driven from my sanity, unable to focus on anything else.

 I gave in to the wild emotions; perhaps this was the Love of which the humans had spoke of often. In the duties of my existence I had never felt or experienced such a thing before. The Sun and Moon headed toward one another in an Eclipse, their lights melding in a strange dance. Sighing, I began to thin out into the air, colors swirling around me in a crazed torrent before I arrived upon my destination.

 A house arched before me, paint peeling from it's sides and the dark screen torn on the dirty screened in front porch. A sign swung lazily in the quiet breeze, signifying I stood before an antique shop of sorts. The dusty streets were empty and silent all around, the curtains drawn in on many of the building's windows, as if blocking the harsh sunlight. The steps moaned at my weight as I walked up the few stair steps. The door squealed as I pulled it open, the small jingle of a bell alerting of my presense. The intoxicating smell of heavy dead roses hit me hard, fogging my head and senses. Fat dust drifted on the beaming sunrays, falling through the window, laying on much of the things that lay scattered around the room, each old and containing it's own history.

I remained silent as I heard the murmur of conversation and the clatter of footsteps coming down the stairs. I began to hear the strong strain of Tiffany's oddly familiar thoughts getting nearer and nearer. I grinned. She was bored of the elderly shopkeeper and wanted to leave; she had bought a gift for her mother and was believing she was going to have to wash off the terrible smell of the place when she got home.

They both stopped at the foot of the steps at the sight of me, shock crossing Tiffany's face in the half-light of the place. "Good afternoon, Sir," croaked the frog-like old woman behind her. She wished her daughter was here to see such a handsome man; maybe she would leave that wretched husband of hers finally....."Would you be interested in having some fresh baked cookies as you walk around? Maybe some lemonade?"

"No-no, thank you," I said smoothly. "I am just here to pick up Tiffany."

Relief radiated through Tiffany, washing over me. Her regular strum of curiousity continued to stream through her to me, so intense, her questions coming in great waves through her thoughts. She still seemed to forget I could hear her. "Oh," the woman smiled a partially toothless grin, suprising me by swearing viciously in her mind that she couldn't set me up with her daugher or something.

 I refrained a chuckle, inquiring, "Are you ready to go?" I already knew the answer.

 She nodded eagerly, saying her farewells to the woman as quickly as possible before I slipped my hand in hers and guided her out. Tiffany blushed furiously at the touch of our palms, her thoughts swirling with anxious, excited fervor. "Hello, again," I murmured as we left the place. "I told you I would return."

Returning to you,

Is like Reuniting,

with a missing piece of


Without you I am empty,

and with you I feel,



The End

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