A Warning...Mature


I smiled. She was perhaps the most beautiful girl I had met. No, I had met more physically attractive women, but on the inside, her heart shone like gold. There was something of an aura around her, a inner glow in which she radiated in full. Her eyes were wide and wondering, windows into a soul so open to me and loving. Indeed, I felt captured by her very presence, that I had already known her, met her in a distant dream of the past....my own heart tugged for hers.

  I paused, my thoughts and actions momentarily halted. Like an echo over the hills, I heard that familiar voice in my head, my blood running cold as it called my name. What does she want? I snarled to myself, witholding my thoughts so she could not hear my own reply.

 Come here, or I shall bring you here, Anthony! she snapped in my head, sensing my reserve. Tiffany, before me, tilted her head curiously at my brief pause. For a short moment, I felt as if I stood in two worlds, and relunctantly I returned myself to Tiffany, "I am sorry; I must go."

 Her eyes appeared broken, which tore at the inside of me. "Will I see you again?" she murmured, synchronising with her thoughts the extraordinary desire to see me again. I could not help feel partially bemused at the curiousness in which she acted towards me.

"Upon my will, we shall," I half smiled, kissing her hand once more before turning and walking away, feeling my limbs slowly thinning into air, mixing with the breeze like dust floating on each gust of wind. It did not take long to appear in the familiar place, half a million stars as the ceiling and planets and galaxies swirling above our head like a magnificent chandelier. My sister's figure stood at the head of the room, the grass of the plains bending and swaying at the whisper of the wind, bowing toward her opposing, dark shadow.

With cold eyes, the wisdom and power of ages encased in their glassy darkness, she gazed upon me, her cloak colored as the night sky whipping and snapping around her like a wicked snake. "What are you doing?" her voice carried over to me, equally intense in its sharpness.

"What does it matter to you, Alezae?" I retorted, standing to my full height.  

"It means much to me, Anthony." she replied. "Do not be stupid. Anything we do ripples across the universe. We are suns in a solar system which revolves around us, have you not realized?"

Her words were a dagger to my heart, questioning me. Though I refrained from saying anything. Above us, stars collided in the sky above us and fell in a great show of a fiery waterfall. Alezae continued, "What is it you do with this girl?"

"Tiffany?" I was taken aback.

"Yes."  her face dropped to a melancholy expression, a shadow crossing her eyes. "She is dangerous. If you linger with her, it could prove fatal and possible end with your death."

I was silent, thoughtful. But then I went on, "How do you know such a thing!"

"Do you not remember the prophecy, Anthony?" she allowed a moment of quiet for me to deliberate. "I believe it is her of who they speak."

"Her! It cannot be." I denied Alzae's words, though there was a hint of truth to them.

She frowned. "I warn you to tread lightly. It may end in the doom of you and many others."

Her heart,

Open, Treasures

glowing gold and glistening silver.

She holds it out to me,

offering all inside, torturing me,

How can I


    the Forbidden Fruit?



The End

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