Magical LoveMature

Pure delight
On a starry night
Where rainbows brush mountains,
Glow with magical light

Upon the foothills of Fantasia, I sat opposite the most perfect guy in the universe. We had had a picnic that afternoon and now we were wordlessly communicating our love for each other. Merely gazing into each other's eyes conveyed the depth of our love and an understanding of the other's true selves, making our love profound and great. Caressing each other's skin was our way of declaring love for each other and each tender touch was as amazing as the brush of lips in a magical kiss. When we did kiss, the stars shone brighter, the rainbows of Azuria grew larger and spanned greater distances in the sky and the ground gently trembled beneath us as the dragon beneath the earth purred in satisfaction. Everything that happened when we were together told us we were meant to be and even if things should show we might not necessarily be each other's destinies, my lover was irresistible and the fun would then be in ignoring our surroundings and signals that our love was not approved of.


A spark of wordless joy

travels from eye to eye,

mind to mind,.

heart to heart.


I should die,

my wondrous love,

if we should e'er

be apart.

The End

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