General Rules

Maedaal is written vertically, similar to hieroglyphs, read downwards, left to right. Here are some important basic rules:

  • Visually, the script is similar to grids where each word is separated from the next by two dashes such as "=" either side.
  • When a scripture is complete and no more need be added, four dashes are used at the end.
  • Even when you appear to reach the bottom of a page halfway through a word, you do not stop and begin on the next column with a whole word, allow it to be disjointed.
  • The symbol for capital letters is not used for any emphasis (exclamation is rare in Maedaal script, though a symbol is provided). Use the capital symbol in reference to names or places.
  • Similarly, when writing down the name of a royal, it is customary to use a cartouche. 
  • Script never uses repeated letters, such as for the word, "hello". Symbols are provided to show that the letter is doubled.
  • Sometimes diacritics have their own symbols in Maedaal.

In the guidance you will find links to view the Maedaal script.

The End

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