Just a fun little work I'm making to keep track of my language, Maedaal during its topsy-turvy inception. I don't know exactly what will go here, but it should be productive enough, or so I hope.

NOTE: I've had people ask me if there are other languages in Maegard and "The Element Adventures" universe. Yes there are, three others in fact: Ebrōn, Sesverok and Nivi (excluding the much more primitive fourth, Trok). However, they are not featured, firstly because they are nowhere near as widespread as Maedaal, and secondly because I've barely developed them past their names.


Maedaal is the oldest of the noted Five Tongues, and was first recorded in the Fifth Age, having developed significantly since then to its modern form, replacing the aforementioned languages as the most spoken and written in all of Maegard.

Its script is unusual in that it is written vertically, and though it has letters for regular consonants and vowels, also contains symbols for emotion associated with sentences and has letters for sounds such as 'th', 'ae' and 'nn' amongst others.

Scholars note that Maedaal is better written than spoken because of this variety of symbols that are not as effective when read. Additionally, it lacks basic punctuation and can become increasingly difficult both to recite and inscribe.


Here you will find various links to scanned alphabets and numerical systems to help visualise the form of Maedaal, as well as a list of common words and phrases used throughout the series.

The End

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