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I'd never seen a Terralye up close; they never came near the drakk populated section of Cileka, where my shop was set up. I watched the Terralye girl start fiddling with her long green hair, playing with one of the brown streaks interrupting it. She wore a short-sleeved shirt and long-legged trousers that hugged her body tightly, revealing the curves of her well-toned frame. I could see she had a large tattoo of something wrapping her entire body; parts of it appeared on her neck and arms.  If she was a drakk, I thought, she'd be pretty cute. I felt the male Terralye's glare on me and turned away.

"Don't want to start anything now," I said to myself. I couldn't afford to start making any enemies, especially if I wanted to get Tempi back to Avinia. I needed their help. I felt his gaze on my back,I heard the door open. "That has to be the mimic representative," I said to myself. I turned and nearly dropped my bag. It was the same mimic I'd made the weapon for a few days earlier. She scanned the room, looking at each of its inhabitants. She noticed me and walked down the stairs to where I stood.

 "Hello again, Ignaciér.  You're a pleasant sight," she said with a smirk. I folded my arms and hid my surprise.

"Well, well, if it isn't Miss Mimic. Never expected you to be here."

"Please, Ignacier, call me Luna" She rolled her eyes. ""And you can count me amongst the surprised as well; it could easily be said I am not here by my own choice.  Are you?"

"Yes. I volunteered to be the representative of the drakks. I have some...personal reasons for getting into this." I looked around the room and saw the male Terralye still staring at me. I sighed. "Though I'm not sure how welcome I'm going to be." "So, how's the weapon working for you, Luna?"

The weapon is magnificent, I only wish I were making better use of it." Luna glanced down at the weapon and affectionately tapped her fingertips against the handle, secured on a specially crafted hook on her belt. "So," she said  do you think this meeting will offer anything useful."

"We can only hope. Personally, I'm just hoping this meeting goes smoothly." Luna laughed a bit. I hadn't been joking though. As this was the first time all five species had been gathered in one place for quite a few centuries, anything could happen.

Suddenly we heard a cough behind us. Another female Terralye stood there impatiently. "If you don't mind?" she asked, blatently irritated. Luna and I moved to the side and watched her join the other two Terralye. I looked back at Luna.

"I guess we should get settled," I said to her. "Once the mermaids arrive, we'll be all here." Luna sh didn't reply and walked away. I watched her find a seat by the Terralye and sit down promptly, beginning to analyse each of the others present.

"Better follow suit," I said to myself. I found an empty corner on the other side of the room from Luna and the Terralye, and headed towards it. The two-lifeless sat in between me and the corner. The drakks didn't have a bad history with the life-less, but they still regarded and dealt with them with much caution. And given their abilities, I could see the reasons why.

I gripped my bag tightly as I walked towards it, feeling the solid blade hidden within. It was one of my best works, a large, sleek broadsword I'd I'd kept it for myself. I was constantly reforging and resharpening it to make it stronger. The life-less watched me silently as I passed by. I glanced at them but kept moving. I tried not to let out a sigh of relief when I reached the corner. I set down my bag on the ground beside me and sat down. I was here for a reason, and I couldn't let the other representatives get to me. I tried to relax. I noticed the first female Terralye looking at me again and managed to give her a smile. She quickly looked away and started fiddling with her hands.

Suddenly the door opened. Everyone turned to see two mermaids walk down the stairs. I'd never seen a mermaid either, I was surprised to see ordinary leather boots. But what did you expect, they'd walk in with tails? I thought to myself with a chuckle I watched them take a seat positioned in between the two sides.

Only one other instance in history had something like this had happened that required all five species to come together, and it had been big. And now all of the players were here, I realized. We'd all come for different reasons, but our goal was the same.

It was game time.

The meeting had begun.

The End

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