The Drakk Council MeetingMature

My tail twitched involuntarily, for what must have been the one hundreth time. I looked up at the massive and awe-inspiring statue of Pyrrog towering over me. Never did I dream that I would sit at the base of the very symbol of the drakk culture, attending a drakk council meeting. Then again, I thought, I never dreamed that a situation that threatened the safety of the young of every species would ever arise as well.

The meeting had been called for soon after the number of kidnappings had passed a dozen. Normally the council of the drakk elders and leaders would meet alone, but because of the extreme and unusual circumstances surrounding the topic at hand, they decided to invite some of the prominent and respected drakks. I still couldn't believe that I had been chosen. I'd barely lived over two centuries after all. But apparently my skill as a forger was among the best, according to the one who had given me the summons.

The head of the drakk council,  an old and venerable grey-scaled drakk,  cleared his throat, and the soft rumble of nervous mumbles ceased. "This council meeting will now officially begin. I extend a welcome to the special drakks chosen to join us, as the matter at hand is a grave one indeed." His eyes scanned the area, resting upon each drakk briefly. I stiffened a little when he got to me. I'd never even talked to him before.

"I will get to the point of why we are gathered here. Our hatchlings are being stolen right from our homes. In only eight days, more than a dozen have been kidnapped. An unnaturally dense mist enshrouds the kidnappers each time. We cannot let this continue any longer. We must act now.” The drakks present all murmured their agreement with grim determination. The head of the council nodded. “I have learned that the other species also face this problem.” The other drakks gasped in shock. I thought back to what that mimic I’d delivered the weapon to had said. I’d realized she’d been referring to the same creatures I’d seen in the mist, so I wasn’t surprised by the news.

The council head continued. “It has been confirmed that a gathering is soon to take place in Cileka with representatives from each of the other species attending. It has been many centuries since one such meeting has occurred. However, we drakks are a solitary race. Moreover, with the Great Oak Incident with the Terralye and the Sea Wars with the mermaids, our presence may be treated with hostility. We need to decide how to counter this threat on our own. Let us begin the discussion.” I listened as the council proceeded to discuss ideas to stop the mysterious kidnappers. My mind thought back to my encounter with them. My special drakk trait was firebreathing, and I was confident in my power and control. Yet the mist had only dispersed for a second with a full blast stream. It might be different with more drakks, but on the ground, their abilities were limited. I could feel that the kidnappers probably had a few other tricks up their sleeves.

“These guys can’t be stopped by just drakks,” I thought to myself. “We’re going to need help.” Avinia had been in a state of utter depression over the loss of Tempito. I’d visited her everyday. When I thought of the empty look in her eyes, I felt a flash of anger. I couldn’t let her stay like this. I had to do something to save Tempi. Before I knew what I was doing, I had stood up.

“I will attend the crisis meeting as the representative of the drakks.” I heard myself say. All eyes turned to me.

“And you are?” asked the head of the drakk council looked carefully

“Ignaiciér Ferru. I am a forger, primarily of weapons.” The council head nodded.

“I have heard of you, Ignaiciér. Despite your youth, your skill is among the very best. Tell me, why should we send a representative, and why should it be you?” I took a deep breath. No turning back now.

“I have seen what we are dealing with firsthand. Six nights ago, I encountered the mist, just after a hatchling, one that I know personally, had been kidnapped. I was able to disperse the mist by firebreathing, which is my drakk talent, and saw the shadows of the culprits for a moment. I am the closest drakk to have seen the kidnappers. From what I witnessed, I know that by ourselves we have a slim chance at stopping the kidnappers. We need to put aside our differences with the other species and join forces with them. It is better if all of the species are present at the gathering, since all of the species face this crisis together.

“But how will you deal with the Terralye and the mermaids?” the council head asked. “You may be confronted with animosity from them because of our negative relationships.”

“My goal is to stop any more hatchlings from being kidnapped, and bring the lost ones home if possible. I will deal with any of the animosity I may come across with. I’m not one to let it bother me. Besides, I may be able to patch things up between us and the Terralye and mermaids as I work with them. I will attempt to at any rate. Please, let me go the meeting.” The council head was silent as he pondered my proposal.

“Come here, Ignaiciér,” he said. I opened my wings and flew to where the council head stood, in front of the statue of Pyrrog. He looked into my eyes carefully. I stared back. After a while he stepped back and addressed the rest of the drakks present.

“I agree with Ignaiciér’s proposal and reasoning. Despite his youth, he shows wisdom beyond his years. This crisis does go beyond our own kind. If we do not send representatives to this meeting to address it, because we refuse to break our seclusion, we will be the foolish ones. Is there any drakk present who wishes to move against this proposal?” I waited with baited breath for any dissenters, but the crowd stayed silent. The council head smiled. “It seems as we are all in agreement.” He turned to me.

“Ignaiciér Ferru, you have been chosen as to go on behalf of the drakks to attend the crisis meeting. I expect that you will represent us well and do all you can to solve the mystery.”

“Yes sir,” I said sharply. The drakks surrounding us burst into applause and cheers. The council head put his claws on my shoulders.

“May Pyrrog’s flames light your soul. Go now, Ignaiciér and make us proud."

The End

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