Distruption To The Natural BalanceMature

Like a firework the sea crashed against the rocks soaking them in the salty water. The foamy spume lifted high into the air, filling it with a cloud of spray and like white horses the waves galloped along the beach sucking in the stones and sand, like a vacuum, hungry for dirt. The bigger waves moved silently but turbulently and exploded like a bomb as it crashed down.

I moved as fast as I could away from the intensity of the waves, diving downwards towards a calmer part of the ocean, amongst the red corals which swayed gently as though a breeze was brushing against them. The sea seemed to always be at its most ferocious when something which disrupted the natural balance had occurred, something like someone being snatched in the mist which always seemed to hover just above the meniscus of the water. It had happened again I could feel it.

It had been happening for a while now, strange disappearances which had been reported right after a furious sea storm which threatened all underwater life. I could now sense when a storm was approaching, an eeriness in the air, and strange vibrations in the water. Something big was coming and we all needed to prepare.

Sensing oncoming danger I swam as fast as I could, peering cautiously over my shoulder every once in a while to check that nothing was pursuing me. I made it back to the safety of the stone reef which was called this because stones which formed a large perfect circle had become embedded in the sea floor and had now been covered with vast amounts of coral, seaweed and sea flowers.

I approached the tallest of the mermaids who was known as Lady Kora and was the beloved leader of the mermaids and spoke.

“Lady Kora, I fear that it has happened again, a force unknown to our kind is coming and we need to prepare.”

Before Lady Kora could reply however a scream came out of nowhere, the source of the scream came from a woman who’s one and only word, when she caught sight of Lady Kora was, “Gone.”

The End

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