"You have no idea how the werewolves senses work do you?" Ethan asked me with a panic look on his face.

He began franticaly running around our little house reaching for random things and shoving them in a bag. "We have to go. NOW!" He tossed me a bag and I didn't question his orders. I simply tossed what would last me a couple days and started packing our laptops and more stuff until I thought the bag was just heavy enough to carry and fly with.

"Their senses are as acute as their sight. They're sharper than a blade and can track a mouse from a mile away. If you said you were on a building right above them, even if you were hidden, they would be able to smell you. They were acting." He said as he zipped up his bag and started out the door.

"There's no telling when they'll get here, but just in case, we need to act fast," he swung the door open and ran out. "We'll go north and then-" his words stopped and so did his body.

I ran out the door after him, but I realized what had stopped him. They were here. The wolves.

"Hello little foxes." One growled. "We've been looking for you for a long time." His teeth were bared and his eyes were horrifying.

"Kathy..." Ethan whispered. "I want you to go north. Go all the way up to the north pole." He spoke in French. "I want you to go and do not stop unless you have to."

"But-" I tried to argue but he cut me off again. This time he spoke in German.

"I'll meet you there as soon as I can," he started walking back, pushing me back into the house. "I'm going to close the door and I want you to take the back door and run. If I don't meet you at the place in one week, then assume that I am dead." His words were harsh and my heart was torn. Words were caught in my throat, but that didn't matter.

BAM! The door closed and I immediatly ran straight back for the door. The door flew open and I flew out lugging the bag around behind me.

I ran out and instinctivly became invisible, then wasting no time, flew around to the front. I peered around and didn't see Ethan.

Where are you, Ethan?! I mentally shouted. Go... North...

His voice echoed in my head reminding me that I had a task to do. I flew away, not knowing where Ethan was or if he was even with me anymore, but I knew I had to get away, so I just flew.

I flew away from Ethan. I flew away from home. I flew away from everything I knew about. But more importantly, I flew away into the unknown.

The End

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