Soren Halkon

Soren couldn't sleep his mind dwelling over those idiots in the shadow sector starting a revolution against the humans.  They were just messing shit up and it wasn't right what the humans were doing to them. Soren liked the way things were he felt that humans and his kind could not coexist peacefully both sides had bred much hatred against each other. This revolution would only breed more hatred; of course Soren knew he was being hypocritical in all ways and was a traitor to his own kind.  That didn't bother him much though the world hadn't changed much it was still Darwinian type world only with a few twists.

With his mind running full tilt and the red glow of his clock radio on his bedside table seeming to glow brighter as time went on Soren left for what would hopefully be a peaceful walk on the city streets.  Soren lived in a nice part of town full of highrises and where wealthy bachelors lived. The streets were kept nice and clean, there and the night air was not filled with sickening car exhaust. The grey sidewalks gave off heat even though the light from the sun had not touched them in hours. The streets were also void of most people say the few tired men and women that had to work at such an ungodly hour.  An hour passed by as Soren walked through the vacant streets where the scenery began to transform from proud high rises to abandoned shops , industrial areas, and fenced off areas to abandoned construction sites.  The streets here where a little more filled  here with the homeless and few of Soren's kind. It was oddly lively here Soren noted as he looked around seeing rushing around perhaps this revolution had a little merit to it than Soren had first though. Still it would amount to the same once the humans issued their reaction;which wouldn't take long when a bunch of creatures from the shadow district showed up on their doorsteps.

Soren readied himself to turn around when gunshots went off only a few blocks away  in an abandoned factory. It didn't take a genius to figure out what was going, but Soren was heavily curious as to exactly what was happening. He also wondered if he could get in on some of the action, seeing that his earlier excursion to the shadow district was uneventful.  With the agility of a cat he made his way to the abandoned factory slipping by the the unprepared metro police who had surrounded the factory.  With quick use of his powers he grew wings and aimed for a broken window  on the top floor of the factory as his wings morphed back into his body.  On the other side of the wind he rolled through broken glass but managed to keep quiet as the sounds of pounding feet raced by the room.  With the light coming from the full moon Soren made his way to a catwalk overlooking a chaotic battle between a group of creatures mainly composed of werewolves versus a well trained swat team.  It was hard to tell who was winning since smoke lingered between the opposing sides and screams could be heard on both sides. The police were beginning to pour into the building making the situation alot worse as they were easy targets for the werewolves.  The police were not as well prepared as the swat team were but they were beginning to fall back and the two sides were at stand still again as bullets flung across the room and werewolves attempted to break the humans ranks.

Soren began to make his move toward turning himself into a monster with metallic like skin just as two figures appeared in his peripheral they both shot at him hitting an area which was still vulnerable. Soren held the pain in rolling to cover using his powers to push the bullets out and seal the wound for the time being.  More bullets sprayed around him but now he was ready for the two humans and their guns. He rushed through his arms turning into deadly knives, the two managed duck narrowly missing his attack on them.  Soren hit the wall and quickly jumped back missing another volley of bullets that passed through the wall as if it were nothing. The woman aimed her gun firing down at him causing him to off the catwalk. Soren should have guessed they would bring armour piercing rounds.  Wings sprouted from his back again and he rushed towards the two humans picking them up before they could pull the trigger and throwing the hard against wall in hope they would drop their guns from their hands.  Although winded the woman had managed to hold on to her gun, and took very quick shots hitting Soren's shoulder blade and legs. In seconds Soren plummeted from the air hitting the catwalk with such force it shook and wobbled dangerously. Baring through the pain he turned his arm into a large shield losing his metallic skin, his arm grew in mass and density as a flurry of bullets  hit his arm. Soren had to get out, he too had come here unprepared, and he had paid heavily for it.

The End

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