Dead or AliveMature

Kathy Rosemarie

I ventured out into the crowded city as I casually walked down the streets of New York. Walking around these humans, I had to change my appearance. A casual young lady in her mid-twenties with long brown hair, that I tied up, and dark brown eyes.

Filthy humans. There's garbage everywhere. This stench is unbearable! I thought to myself. I tryied holding my breath as I walked around, but after a while I began to feel light headed. "If only there were some way to make those dumb humans think." I said aloud, but then looked around to see if anyone heard me.

Despite the fact that there were toxic gases everywhere, trash around every corner, and people trying to kill you, the one thing that was good was that they made things very easy to get to. A quick stop at a super market was all i needed to get a ouple weeks worth of shopping done.

One store was all you needed to go to and you were done. Oh, the modern ages.

As I walked down the streets, looking at various stores, I noticed only one thing in particular. There was a man following me.

He was fairly tall with straight dark brown hair. At first, it didn't seem like much. The humans were always intrigued by me and would often have a nice chat with me, asking to come have food with them, but I would always turn them down.

I didn't take a second look at him until I noticed that there wasn't just one of them, but two. Then there were three.

Panic began to spread through me as I realized their group was getting bigger and bigger, but it wasn't until I caught a sent of blood that I began to worry.

I needed to be sure. I walked down the street until I was at a stoplight. As they began closing the distance between us, the smell got stronger and stronger, but also the smell of... dog?

I looked left and right, acting confused, looking at all the signs around me and finally getting enough courage to turn around. As expected, the humans were still there.

"Excuse me, but I was wandering if you knew where the nearest subway station was? I'm trying to get home," I smiled and looked at each one.

The one that had followed me the longest had answered first. "If you go down a little more and turnright  at the next stoplight, there should be one to your right." he returned my smile as he pointed in the general direction.

"Thanks so much!" I said as the light changed colors, signaling for people to cross the street.

I ran across the street and made my way down to next stoplight and turned right. As I turned, the smell of dog became stronger and stronger, and thats when I noticed what I was smelling. They wern't dogs. They were werewolves, which in my dictionary, were the same things.

I saw a larger man make his way towards the station and stand there. He reeked of the foul smell, and that's when I knew I had to get out.

I hurried into an alley before any of the others could see me and vanished from the human eye. I only prayed that the werewolves were as dumb as humans. As if my prayers had been answered, I watched the pack walk by without any hesitation and I sighed a mental sigh of relief.

I stayed hidden for only a few more seconds before I made my way to the top of the building, which was right by the entrance to the subway station and saw the pack meet up with the man that stood there.

"You let her get away?!" the man screemed.

"No, we led her to you so that you could deal with her, but you didn't catch her, therefore," he stared at the man, clearly not afraid, "you let her get away."

"Fine!" he boomed and a couple humans looked at him with questionable looks. "but you're going to have to tell that to malik. Not me."

The boy seemed a bit shaken but the remark, but quickly shook it off with a shrug . "Fine by me."

They walked down the street, not saying a word, until they met up with two cars. They split up and piled into them. I slowly followed them, hoping to find where they were going, but after a mile, I decided it wasn't safe to stay any longer in the city.

I quickly flew back to the rural side of New York and found my way back to my little cabin. Kitsunes are supposed to be extinct to humans and werewolves and everyone else. Only few know about us and those few are sworn by a life binding oath to never tell anyone about us, so why was I the target?

I opened the door to my small home and found Ethan sitting in his chair, reading a book. "Ethan!" I said grabbing his attention. "Ethan!" I repeated.

He dropped his book immediately seeing my horror struck face. "Kat?" He met me half way with worry. "What is it?" he asked. "Are you hurt?"

His worry turned to curiousity when he made sure I had no scratches. "Noo," I reassured him.

"Where's the food?" he asked looking behind me.

"Ethan!" I cried in frustration. "NO! Werewolves!"

That was all I needed to say.

The End

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