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The past six years had become difficult for the local SWAT team- crime had become increasingly rampant. Then two years ago, officer Jacob and Tyler were mauled to death during a raid. When the sermons were done, the mayor finally envoked emergency law, giving SWAT permission to use more than just tasers. Books were opened and Miranda found herself leading a team equipped with special forces quality equipment. 

Miranda faced her team in an office, wearing full body armour, calls just came in that fast. Behind her stood a wall of TVs, showing the inside of an abandoned factory. Clearing her throat, Miranda began "Yesterday, the FBI's informant sent a text message- mass meeting at abandoned Chrysler factory. NSA then sneaked camera's into the factory and wired the images to us. Behind me on the TVs is of course the factory, please familiarize yourselves with the layout. If a situation does break out, we will be legally obligated to intervene, so we'll all be on standby. Metro police will handle our calls for tonight, unless shit hits the fan."

A bulky man with short hair asked "So, how long till the freaks find out that we know?"

Miranda crossed her arms and frowned "The FBI is certain this time Sam." 

Sam shook his head "Yeah right, they got more leaks than the Iraqi navy." 

A few officers chuckled.

Miranda rolled her eyes "I'm not concerned with the credibility of the FBI, just my orders. Continuing on, here are pictures of the big players tonight." Pressing a remote button, a projector on a wall to her left lit up. A picture of a somewhat short man appeared, walking down the street with a fairly muscular yet slender frame. 

Miranda went on "Word on the street this guy is called Malik and as you can tell by the teeth, he's a werewolf. No pictures on what he looks like in his second form. Rough analysis has said he's fanatical, obsessive, needs to control things and is socially akward. Next is Desmona Albitory, a shape shifter from Italy. In this photo, we can see him and a female in an apartment, no idea who the female Kitsune is yet. No other players have been confirmed, expect more."

Sam grinned "Two shape changers in the same apartment? Damn that's kinky." 

Baring her teeth, Miranda pretended to check her watch, avoiding eye contact. As much as Sam annoyed her, she needed him on the team- his tracking expertise had become invaluable. He'd even saved her life from a shapeshifter once, as much as she hated to admit it. Being professional around Sam was simply difficult, which was what annoyed Miranda the most about Sam.

Looking back up, Miranda growled "Sam, you'll be with me on Zeta team . Tarence, take 6 people on the left side of the room and figure out how to make a perimeter- only make it when I say so. Bishop, take the three remaining as Alpha and go through the front door." 

Tarence groaned "Six people? There's no way I can stop freaks from slipping out."

Miranda nodded "We'll co-ordinate with Metro police officers but don't count on them. Make the perimiter as if you didn't have their help. Alpha team, you'll sweep the first floor, Zeta will get the second. Only breach when you have my go and all the lights turn on. To get to your destinations, everyone will be dressed in civilian clothing, stow your gear in the boxes of three separate moving trucks I ordered here. Your team leaders will know where to go. As we're lacking manpower, we're going in heavy. Okay, everybody got that?" 

The officers nodded and stood up, walking to the armoury.



A full moon sat visible in the sky. Miranda stared at it, hanging upside down by a wire against the factories tall blackened chimney. Sam nudged her "Dogs down by the dock." 

Miranda's eyes found the shapes. She brought her assault rifle's night vision scope down to her eye and squinted- the shapes were pitch black, moving far apart from eachother. One stopped and raised it's leg, pissing on a post. Miranda sighed "Definitely dogs."

Sam raised his head to his chest, mumbling "Why do we have to be upside down?" 

Miranda frowned "Shapeshifters brains can easily identify a person, even in the far distance because their occipital lobe tells their body how to feign that shape. However, if the person is upside down, the occipital lobe won't identify it that way- they'll just see it as a normal person would."

Sam groaned "I'm getting dizzy real fast."

Miranda growled "Suck it up buttercup." 

Sam put a finger to his lips "Quiet, the dirty hobo's might hear you." 

A hundred feet below Miranda and Sam lay three hobo's sleeping on the roof. Miranda smiled for a split second. Sam bent his head back "I saw that Sergeant, you actually smiled!"

Miranda couldn't help a grin "We're suspended upside down over a hundred foot drop and you're flirting with me." 

Sam smiled sheepishly "Between the dirty hobo's and the dogs, my attention'll be on the girl."

Miranda squinted "What's that dog doing by the open sewer grate?" 

Sam sighed "I dunno..."

Switching her sight to thermal vision, faded white shapes became apparent. Miranda exhaled "They're moving underground to the factory! Looks like mostly werewolves."

Sam mumbled "I wonder if their fur's clumping together..."

Miranda looked at Sam with a raised eyebrow. He shrugged "What?"

Their earbuds cracked with static as Tarence said "Multiple shapes moving inside the factory, counting over forty irregulars. X-ray confirming nine shapeshifters with a low possibility of four humans being present. High number of werewolves present, around thirty present. More are arriving by an unknown source."

Sam replied "Monsters Inc. is open for business." 

Quiet clangs of metal reached their ears. Miranda aimed her scope down below. Her scope displayed a line of dim white shapes appearing out of nowhere in the middle of the floor. They moved into a semi-circle, facing one shape. Miranda spoke into her mic "Boys, tell me what you're seeing on the camera's."

Tarence slowly said "Fifty plus monsters facing a male werewolf. He's holding a steel pipe, banging it on the floor for everyone's attention and... he's covered in blood." 

Miranda switched her earpiece to hear what the camera's mics were hearing. For a while, nothing but gibberish could be heard until a deep voice yelled for quiet. The voice began "Tonight begins our revolution! The humans have ruled us for to long, but no longer! These men do not think or feel like we do, they do not have love in their hearts, they are machines. Machines that only care for greed and their own well being. They do not live in a world of we, they live in a world of me! Let us fight for a better world, a world of reason! When the sun rises tomorrow, this city will know that we deserve better. We will kill or be killed!"

Sam looked at Miranda with wide eyes. Miranda switched her earpiece to hear her teams chatter. She spoke into her mic. "All teams, Zeta is Oscar Mike."

With a whir, Miranda and Sam rappelled down the chimney, hitting the roof hard. The homeless stirred from their sleep, looking at two black figures with full combat gear rush past them and into a stairwell. Reaching the second floor, they put thermal googles on, checking each room for anyone. Satisfied, Zeta moved back down the stairwell and stacked up at the closed door to the first floor. Miranda whispered into her mic. "If it's a criminal conspiracy, we're allowed to act which we will do. All other teams, form one with Alpha's team leader leading. On my mark, we will flash and clear. Keep your safeties off."

The End

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