Revolutions with RepercussionsMature

Malik Schade

The werewolves stalked in their human form down the mainstreet in the human part of town, making this mission all the more sweet. It seemed that they had little backing amoung the creature community, the neighbohring werewolf packs backed out for fear that they would start something that would mean their extinction, only extremest vampires would join....the covens having the same problems as the werewolf packs. It seemed like they all wanted something done but lacked the balls or fangs to do it.

That was why Malik and Luca pushed further and further into the city, their target, a tall and grand estate that glittered in the sunlight and sparkled like a diamond in the moonlight. Their target a young, innocent little girl that was the mayors daughter. Her name was Sara, well known for her hatred of creatures. And much like her father she was an avid activist in trying to rid or enslave all their kinds.

"How far?" Luca asked, growing impatient as the nasty smell of humans rippled through their hypersensative noses. Malik growled and slapped the other with an open palm letting the tips of his claws extend off his human skin. Luca howled in anger and recoiled clutching the scrapes upon his face which quickly healed.

"Your impatience and chlidishness," he snarled and went eye to eye with his wolf brother, golden hues glowing brightly. "Is starting to try my patience, I will have my revolution with OR without you my brother. So you choose where you stand, with them?" he pointed back towards the creatures that had failed to join them. "Or me?" he said pointing to himself and looking up into the cloudy sky. Luca whinned and looked up into the sky too, the stars and moon were being hidden from his gaze by the black floating silhouettes. 

Luca massaged his cheek and sighed. "I am always with you Malik, you have no need to doubt my loyalty." Malik growled but nodded and took off at a sprint to the mansion. Luca followed immediately while a shadow watched from the alleyway. 

Meanwhile Sara rested happily in her royal purple room on her king size bed, chatting away with her best from from school about the cute boys and how terrible calculous was. Her Daddy, Mayor Brooksire, was out on a meeting with local buisness big wigs. 

"Like I said before Lisa, that girl is a total sl-" a loud crash noise sounded from down the stairs. Sara tilted her head as her brows fell together. "Hold on Lisa...I think...I dunno somethings going AHHHHHH!!!!" her scream echoed over the phone as the receiver hit the floor with Lisa yelling for Sara to pick back up. Malik and Luca stood in Sara's room on either side of her door, grinning maliciously. 

"Who...who are you?! If you want money then take it!!" She snapped suddenly letting her spoiled brat attitude break through. Malik laughed watching the girl cringe in a slight amount of terror. 

"Sweet Sara, We're here for you," Malik said taking steps closer and closer to shifting to his wolven form and drinking in her terrified screams. When he was fully turned he howled loudly and attacked latching his fangs into his neck and feeling the blood pool against and around his teeth. His eyes fluttered, ecstacy blurred his thoughts as the girl grew weaker and weaker beneath him. Then fangs locked into his shoulder causing him to released the girl with a slick pop. The were turned on Luca who had attacked him. Pinning him to the ground Malik snarled and beared his fangs.

"You said we were going to turn her not kill her!!" Luca yelped.

"Change of plans," Malik hissed, "She isnt needed for what I have in store for this city." He chhuckled darkly as Luca's ears and tail fell down in fear. "And neither are you." throughout the city Luca's dying howl could be heard and the wheels of Malik's great war was in motion. 

The End

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