Among menMature

Soren Halkon

People left the local bar in the shadow district with excitement of to which Soren had never seen before among his fellow creatures.  For the most part the shadow district was an oppressed, place full of miserable faces from the ill treatment of humans. It wasn't normally a place for excitement outside the confines of a good fist fight; something that Soren yearned for more than anything as he sat patiently wagging his orange tail in an disinterested fashion. Soren leapt down from the roof of the bar his form changing from that of a dark orange tabby to a man blond hair, and a dark blue coat that seemed to form around him as he turned into a human like form.  If any of his fellow creatures noticed his arrival they didn't show it. A few werewolves past him he pushed into them hoping to start something but they ignored him as they howled into the night.  Had he missed something? Had the humans backed off all creatures of the night?  The obvious answer was no, no other creature were as close to humans as Soren was. In fact Soren was believed to be completely human he lived with them, worked with them, but what brought him to the shadow district was something he himself had not come to terms of admitting.

With disappointment written across his face he asked," What is happening?" 

"Where you not inside? We go to war against our oppressors! No more will we be discriminated and wrongfully reigned over by the ignorance of weak humans who fear us." A vampire women responded to him carefully eyeing Soren hungrily.

"Is that so?" Soren said softly looking into the far distance over the ruddy slums of the shadow district to where bright lights filled the sky ignorantly covering the stars much like humans had over all creatures.

"Are you joining us?" She asked him bring his attention back to the shadow district.

"No, a small uprising from the the drunkards of a shady bar such as this will not leave the slightest mark on humans. It will only bring more death." Soren replied to the women.

"Coward!" She accused him.

One of Soren's fingers changed forming a blade that expanded the distance between him and the vampire, she jumped back narrowly missing his attack, " A coward is one thing I'm not. I simply don't care, fighting humans doesn't benefit me, and that’s all that matters in this world." Soren explained himself turning his back and disappearing into the cold night air leaving behind small paw prints of a feline.


Hours later he arrived in his high rise apartment full of human things, filled with human luxuries. It didn't seem to bother him one bit that he appeared to be an outright traitor of his own kind but their would be no way he would be subjugated to the abuse his kind had to endure.  He walked across the lonely apartment to the window that filled the corner of his apartment a window that commanded a view of the shadow district in the distance.

"Fools." He muttered quietly to himself he turned away in disgust walking across the smooth hardwood floors carelessly.

The End

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