From the DarkMature

Kathy Rosemarie

I crawled slowly into my burrow, dragging my nine tails with me. Struggling to keep from the human eyes, I tried my best to become invisible. I was very still as I felt the ground beneath me vibrate with every footstep of the hunting men.

After hours of waiting, I finally confirmed that they had left. Those bastards. I thought giving the wound in my leg my full attention.

I found where the bullet had hit me, but as I examined it carefully, I realized that it had merely grazed the surface of my skin. Thankful for the humans poor aim, I licked it a couple times to keep it clean and trotted out of the borrow.

I was a kitsune. In many ways I took after a fox, but eh only difference was that I was much smarter and much more talented. I could take form of a human as I please and take form of a fox. Either one would do nicely. I was young for my kind. I would turn 18 in a month and would therefore be known as an adult. For the kitsune, It was known as the age of Wisdom. But I wouldn't worry about that too much, for it was a month away. Plenty of time.

I limped my way down the hill I had been chased up and hop across a small stream that trickled with shining water. The sun was still high in the air and the wind just barley blew, but it was enough to keep me from feeling too uncomfortable in the heat.

I finally managed to hobble to a cabin where I saw clothes laying on the porch. Ethan was home. I climbed up the three stairs onto my porch and transformed back into a human. It only took a few seconds to transform, but for others it would take minutes, even hours. I was lucky my parents were one of the few that could make the transformation quickly and painlessly.

I stood up and put my clothes on and, as if he knew I'd be done then, Ethan came through the door. He walked out with a smile on his face and arms out wide ready for me to walk into them, and I did just that.

I stepped into his arms as we hugged for what felt like forever. "Kathy," he whispered.

"Oh, Ethan! You're finally home!" I replied in relief, but I wasted no time to cut to the point. "What happened at the meeting?"

"Haha," he laughed. "How about we get that wound taken care of then talk," he said clearly noticing the blood oozing from my leg.

"That'd be nice," I smiled.

Then, Ethan picked me up as if I were a princess and carried me into our little cabin. We laughed together as we talked about our seperate travels, not missing a single detail, as he bandaged my leg.

"Do tell me about the meeting!" I said still laughing.

His face faultered a little as I suddenlt brough up the topic. "Well, it was like any other meeting. We each shared what happened in our region and then we left."

"I know that, but what did the other people say?" I knew he was hiding something.

He sighed, knowing I wouldn't stop until I got my answers. "Well, everything was going fine. The news was the same and everyone else was happy, untill-" he cut himself off.

"Until?" I persisted.

"Until one of the members said they overheard werewolves talking." he finally said.

"And the werewolves said..." This was too good to not ask about.

"They want to start a revolt against the humans. They said that the humans were 'mistreating' them and that they wouldn't stand another day of it." he said bluntly.

I was still trying to wrap my mind around the concept the werewolves had in mind. They were clearly outnumbered. There were more humans than there were creatures, let alone one species, and they expected to start a war against them? Mind blowing.

"Well, wolves or dogs, they can start their war if they want. For now, we can enjoy life as it is," I smiled trying to shake off the whole situation, but somehow, I just couldn't. Something was going to happen. Something big.

The End

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