Lure Of ShadowsMature

When the creatures of nightmares, our imagination, and fantasy creep in the dark fringes of society there's bound to be clashes with humanity. Humans see these creatures as slaves, entertainment, cash crops, and hardly care that such things have feelings. But when the creatures rebel the government steps in and war seems to loom over everyone's heads.

Malik Schade

Crystal blue eyes peered out from the blackened and filth covered alley ways while rained misted about their owner. Each searched the streets with an earnest sense of disgust and a hint of inquisitiveness. The icy gaze looked over each bipedal creature, pinked skinned beast that walked by. How after thousands of years had these fragile..."humans" taken control as the ruling species upon the earth was beyond comprehension to not only him but most "creatures" that lived in what was known as the Shadow District. A place for creatures of all sizes, shapes, and species to live when they had finally come into the human view and were accepted via a long and arduous peace treaty. Now that meeting seemed to have occured ages ago because the creatures it was set up to help were now falling prey to more and more bullying, crime, harrasment, and overall prejudice from the humans. 

"You know the consequences for killing one of their kind right?" a cool voice purred from behind. The blue hues belonging to a strikingly handsome man with short black hair styled in a Fo-hawk, his name was Malik. Luca, the one who spoke first grinned, his eyes already shimmering yellow from eagerness to shift. Malik growled, all werewolves knew the consequences, hell, all creatures knew. The punishment was torture and then a slow and painful medically induced death. Anyone who went to the St. Ayra's hospital for the Inhuman that were taken by police didnt come back and if they did, they were wrong in the head. One man, an elf, had spoken out against police brutality now he sat in the gutters pissing himself and playing with his own shit. Both legs broken, his face torn up and arms covered in burns of all type. 

Luca slunk around Malik and chuckled both were werewolves without a pack, rouges that lurked around the city living like bachelors. 

"I know the consequences, but if it were my decision we'd be showing those pink skinned fleshbags that its we creatures that run this town. Not them!" he snarled and shifted into his wolf form, his digitigrade legs making him stand a little over 8 ft tall. His fur a silky midnight black with claws the same color and sharp as steak knives. Luca, snorted and patted the large Were's arm. 

"Easy Malik, we'll have our time. Come we're late for the meeting." Malik growled in response and the two hurried off into the smog and exhaust fumes that choked life from the cities inhabitants. As they followed the flourescent signs and passed sweet succubus's on the street corners the two kept their eyes open for the "Authority" a human group that tended to attack creatures and get them charged with crimes they didn't even commit all because of who or what they were. 

When they reached the local bar, a vampire bouncer eyed them hungrily before allowing them inside the cigarette smoke filled building. Creatures of all shapes and sizes were here. Vampires, warlocks, shapeshifters, faes, dragons, drawves, elves, and many more. Alcohol was in abundance along with many other strange drinks that could probably send a normal person into a coma. 
"The usual," Malik growled as he sat down at a large table in the back, his wolfish speech making some of the others in the room flinch.

"Alright," a tall man with what looked like burnt skin rose and addressed the group. "For too long we have been discrimanated, tortured, poked and proded at by humanity because to them we are oddities. Much as they used to do with those different in their species before we came into the picture. THIS. WILL. NOT. CONTINUE!" he snarled slamming his fist into the table to drive home each word. Muttered whispers and growls of approval rippled amoung the group. The clink of a mug signaled Malik to his drink which he downed quickly. 

"My only question is who shall start this war, us..." he looked around with a feindish smile. "Or them." A few chuckles rose, it seemed like the night was going to become very interesting.  

The End

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