Philosophically I've no idea why the number thirteen would be lucky or unlucky or upside down or inside out or anything in any way different to any other number in fact I reckon number 7 is more intriguiung just look at the way its bent and the way it stands in such an awkward position like the leaning tower of pisa with a hat frankly that looks far more suspicious to me than a little smiley face with no eyes then again it has got no eyes that is a bit freaky but there's no black cats or ladders to walk beneath it's just like any other day but it's friday the thirteenth and therefore dangerous well is it why it's simply a day were the number in the month and friday coincide why should that be so large an issue and onto supersticions in general what's wrong with my black cat he doesn't seem to have given me or anyone around me bad luck so far is he going to is he secretly an incredibly evil malicious cat with plans to murder us in his sleep probably on friday the thirteenth as it's such an evil day an evil cat an evil day now I just need to walk under a ladder which falls and harms me in some way and I'm set for the perfectly imperfect unsafe and unlucky day. It sounds like an awful lot of fun.

The End

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