Grandparents, French Class and Quick SandMature

In the garden of my grandparents house my hands are handcuffed. Why are my hands like this? Have I done something wrong? There is no one around to ask. How unfortunate. The back door is open, maybe someone is in the house. I walk in, and that's when I hear it. The barking. Three big black hugs dogs, barking, at me. I feel my eyes widen in their sockets and my heart falls into my stomach. I turn and run. Outside I kick off from the ground and high up into the air. I look down at the dogs, they now look like tiny ants. I look over at the front of the house, there is a white van. They must have the answers I need. I fly towards it, and it sets off at a high speed. 

"No!" I scream, I need answers! And out of these handcuffs. I turn a corner in the air following the van. I have lost it, and my shoes. How have I just suddenly lost my shoes? I look down in a field and see some white trainers, I guess they will do. I go to pick them up, and find the ground swallowing me up. 

I blink, the next thing I know I am sitting at the back of my French class. A feeling of hatred fills my body, I hate this class. 

"The seating plan is changing" Miss Marsh says. 

"What for?" I ask. 

"Because I said so! I want a close eye on you so get to the front you ungrateful git!"

"Alright, jeez" I get up and take a step, I fall through the floor into a black hole. 

I find myself gripping onto some rope. I look around, sand everywhere, quicksand, if I let go I will fall in and die. I don't want to die. I take little steps to the right. Wait, why the right and not the left? I'm not sure, I don't see an end anywhere. I stop and look around. I feel so confused. I see something flying towards me. What is that? It looks like a boomerang. It hits my middle, I let go of the rope and fall backwards into the quicksand. I sink deep into a black hole. 

The End

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