Running, all I feel like doing is running. I've been running down stairs, up stairs, and through multiple doors. I don't feel tired, I don't feel like stopping, I just feel like running. I glance down, I'm wearing grey trousers, a grey shirt, and white shoes. Doors, I throw them open and run down yet another corridor. I glance down again, white shoes, I'm not a fan of these shoes, but I can't exactly change them at this moment in time. I turn a right corridor, another long corridor ahead. I feel as light as a feather, I could run all day long. 

Another right corner, and another long corridor ahead. I see a window at the end of the corridor. I feel a sense of freedom about the air. I'm going to jump out of it. The faster I run the closer I get to the window. The window, now right in front of me. I take off with my right foot and out into the cold air. I see a building near to me which I will land on. 

I hear a gunshot, my left arm is struck, pain surges throughout my body and I fall into a dark pit below me. 

The End

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