Primary School, Dressing Gown and Teacher.Mature

A collection of the lucid dreams I have had over the years.

I dream of being in my primary school, I dream of my childhood, I dream of my memories. On the field I stand wearing my football shirt I let the wind flow between my fingers, my hair and hear it whistling through my ears. Around me are racks and racks of clothing. I suddenly feel fear. The fear of not knowing where my people are. My friends that are most closest to me who are somewhere lost on this field. I must find them, I must be reunited with them.

I walk around the racks of clothes, and that's where I see it. A large round table which my friends are sitting around, they turn and smile, I smile, I am reunited! I find myself running towards them. An empty chair I see, I sit in it. My friends from university, my happy times, my memories. 

The picture I see, the people I am with, the drink that is in my hand seems to disappear and I find myself falling into a black hole of nothingness. 

Of what feels like moments later I find myself on a path. I see a blue robe hanging down from my waist. I pick it up and then see that I am wearing my blue dressing gown. How very odd. I look to my left, a forest, and then to my right, one of my closest friends from university. I feel a burst of happiness in my chest. I then look ahead, a shop. I find my feet moving, all that is on my mind, is that shop up ahead. I know I'm buying vodka and chocolate, the thought excites me greatly.

But, why am I thinking that? Wait...... why am I questioning that? Never mind, but I'm excited for vodka and chocolate..... but.... my friend, my dressing gown, the shop, they are all fading out of the picture. 

Next thing, I am in my street with children who I don't know. The only feeling I feel is fear. My year 6 primary school teacher is chasing me, and I'm scared he'll catch me and put my head above his fire place.  I turn around to see him, those menacing green eyes, that evil smile, that beard. 

"RUN!" I scream and we all sprint out of the street. I don't turn around, but there are less people in front of me than there were before. I turn around, children in webs on the ground, I don't want to be one of them. Over the road I run and deep into the trees. A hut I see in front of me and people ushering me in, I throw myself in head first and the door shuts behind me. I turn around, but all I see is blackness. Blackness everywhere. 

The End

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