Moving OutMature

It’s rather awkward when you see the girl you broke up with everyday. It’s even more awkward when you actually live with that person. Seeing Will everyday was frustrating for me, especially with her refusing to even look me in the eye. She got up earlier then me every morning, leaving before I opened my eyes to even see her. She worked on extra long nights and slipped into our room when she was sure I’d already be asleep. It was too hard for me to cope with, but I had Robbie helping me through it all and he really was supportive.

 We started going out, much to the thrill of Tina and Jack who were also a couple now and found this an opportunity for double dates. They’d decided that Will was no longer part of our group, and so no longer welcome but the thought wasn’t comforting when sometimes she entered the kitchen and saw us laughing and having a good time…withouther. Guilt would strike me and leave me feeling gloomy after that.

It was when Alice came back that things started taking a toll.

 The following week, I came back to the room quite earlier than expected as one of my lessons had been cut short. I didn’t hear the voices when outside so when I came back in and was met by the sight of Will and Alice holding hands, smiling, shock doubled me over. They both stared at me as I stood rooted to the spot, my eyes fixed on them. Will looked away, avoiding my gaze but Alice’s smiled turned into a frown and a steely glare.

 "What are you doing here?” She spat and I flinched at the sound of her nasal voice,  expression irritating her further. 

“I’m…sorry,” I said quickly, hurrying to the wardrobe and taking out my bag, stuffing random clothes into it. Will didn’t say anything when I hurried out the room, in fact I didn’t even look back on her. Tears started pricking my eyes and I felt angry at myself. We broke up…why did I feel hurt by what I saw?

I hurried across the building, and finally was in front of Robbie’s door, knocking on it. He opened and stared at me, concern washing over his face. Before he could ask anything, I entered the room and set down my bag on a chair.

“I’ll be living with you for a while.”

The End

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