Something is wrongMature

Alex was particularly quiet today, which only confirmed my fears that we would never have a conversation of any depth and meaning. It worried me. Something was wrong. Our relationship  had been based on lust at the start, and now I realised there was no real substance. What was worse is that I missed Alice.

Ring Ring

Ring Ring

Ring Ring

"What do you want?"

"Alice... I, I just wanted to apologise. For what I did."

"Yeah well you can save it."


"What? Is she not as good as me?"

"That's not what I..."

"Well I don't care. It's over. Get on with your life."

She hung up and I sighed.

Well, at least I'd tried to make it up to her.

I decided to go for lunch.

Alex do you want to join me for lunch?


I waited for two minutes before she replied.

Can't sorry. I'll see you later?


I shrugged it off. Time to go to lunch. This was ridiculous.


The End

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