"I'm fine," I whispered, a fake smile making its way to my face. She wasn't able to see through it at all, much to my relief.

"Alex, I'm a little tired. So I'll just take a short nap. I already had lunch out, so you might want to go have some now...unless you want me to come," she said, noticing the blank expression on my face.

"No, I'll...go by myself. Get a good sleep." I reached over and kissed her on the forehead, giving her a small smile before heading out the room after taking my keys. I locked the door with a soft click when I was out and started making my way towards the closest restaurant. But on the way, I couldn't help but let the tears fall down my face as thoughts of the last few hours came into my mind.


I woke up and lightly brushed my eyes with the palm of my hand, and noticed that Will wasn't on her bed. Huh, where might she have gone? My eyes flickered to the table and I realised her bag was still on the chair and all her textbooks on the tabletop. But her camera was missing and I smiled to myself, realising she was probably out taking beautiful pictures of nature or whatever strikes her fancy.

Sighing happily, I took a quick shower and got dressed in a black and white striped mini skirt accompanied by a white tank. Humming silently to myself, I headed towards the kitchen area where I usually had breakfast and froze, thinking back to the last time I'd been there. After all that had happened with Tina, Robbie and Jack, could I still be strong enough to not burst into tears without Will next to me?

Shaking my head, I knew it was now or never. I had to be strong and show that I can defend myself. So head held high, I walked into the kitchen and just as I expected, three familiar faces turned to meet mine. But I ignored their gaze and readied a bowl of cereal, and sitting on another table a fare distance away from them.

I could hear their hushed whispers; probably gossiping about me, I thought bitterly. But when I heard Tina say, "we're sorry," I couldn't help but feel surprised. I turned my head slightly to look at them and they all stared at me guiltily.

"We didn't mean to...about..." she seemed at a loss for words but I smiled.

"You're forgiven."

I could see their faces light up as I made their way to them and sat down next to Robbie who skootched the chair away. The rest of breakfast was calm and the others asked how things were going with me and Will. Robbie eventually eased up and started talking to me but I could see he felt uncomfortable. Tina eyed both of us and I saw her nudge Jack.

"We were just going to head to watch a movie together, so we'll catch you guys later," she said, taking hold of Jack's arm and standing up. He looked a little surprised but nodded and waved goodbye to me before leaving the room. I glanced at Robbie and found him picking at his food; looking quite nervous.

"So...what's up?" I asked, trying to make conversation. He shrugged and didn't say anything. With a sigh, I leaned forward and placed my hand on his shoulder. "Robbie...about before, it was nothing. I really don't care about it anymore."

He looked up and met my gaze as we both locked eyes. I didn't notice that he was leaning closer to me until I felt one of his arms wrap around my waist as he kissed me softly. I struggled against his firm grip but he pulled me closer and moved his lips against mine with more urgency. Then before I knew what I was doing, I started kissing him back. And the worst thing about it was the fact that I'd completely meant to.

The End

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