The date with Will had become the best day of my life and I'm not just saying this, I really mean it. Eventually, Will started flirting with me and I couldn't help but blush - a natural factor of my personality. I couldn't stop blushing for what felt like the whole night. Nevertheless, I felt extremely happy with being Will's girlfriend. I really like her and she made me feel like butterflies were flying in my stomach throughout the days. What I didn't expect however, was the dirty rumors and gossip that would spread around from whom I thought were my dearest friends.


The next day, Will and I walked hand in hand into the kitchen, the way a normal couple would. Like normal days weekends went, we were encountered by Tina, Robbie and Jack who grinned at us and said goodmorning, but I managed to notice the quick exchange they made between each other.

I decided to ignore it and sat down on one of the empty chairs and started feasting myself upon the leftover pancakes.

"So what are you guys planning to do today?" Tina asked.

I shrugged at her.

"Well if Alex isn't up to much, then I'll be free I guess," Will said with a grin.

Another exchange occured and I had a feeling something was going on.

"So it's true then?" Robbie asked, eye brow raised and head tilted as he glared at the both of us, especially me.

"What is?"

"That you two are 'in love'," Tina completed.

I nodded, a little cautiously when Robbie's eyes narrowed further and was practically shooting daggers at me.

"Huh," he snorted and then silence came over us. I glanced at Will unsure of what to do, hoping she'd say something to break the ice.

"I thought you guys already knew that I'm a lesbian," she said, her voice normal and not shaky like mine would have been.

"We knew that. But we didn't expect Alex like you," Tina muttered.

"Yeah, now poor Robbie won't be able to ask her out like he's been wanting to," Jack muttered. My eyes widened in surprise and then everything made sense to me. That's why he was giving me death glares.

"And put her in the sack."

The next second, I didn't know what happened. Will stood up abruptly, sending her chair toppling to the ground and reached across, slapping Robbie across the face. I could feel the tears start to well up in my eyes. Was this how it's going to be?

"Come on Alex. Let's go." The next thing I know, Will took hold of my hand and literally pulled me off my chair and walked us back to our room. Once we were inside, she slammed the door close and leaned against it, sighing.

Her eyes met my watery ones and crossed the room, quickly pulling me into an embrace.

"Al, don't cry. You know I don't like to see you like this."

"You have to say that. I'm your girlfriend," I said, sobbing.

I hated being the weak one in the relationship. Why is it that I am the way I am?

The End

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