I had to admit that Alex did look beautiful as she came out of the bathroom, dressed in a rather cute pink dress that suited her very well.

"Come on then, I can't wait to see your face." I grinned and took her hand, leading her out the door.

I took Alex by the scenic route, through the little grove and the fountain, and all the way we chatted and laughed about things we didn't know about each other. Then, before we made our way out to the lake front, I stepped behind her and covered her eyes with my hands.

"Will, what are you doing?" She giggled as I led her forward.

"Wait and see."

"I hope you've not done something stupid."

"Never stupid, just extremely romantic." I could feel her cheeks heat up underneath my hands and I grinned, then, when we were in sight of the jetty, I allowed her to see again.

"What... oh Will. It's beautiful."

Ahead of us, on the jetty, was a stage, and on it a band. Around them were several different boats, all facing the jetty, with people enjoying the music. I led Alex to the boat I had hired, and pulled out on to the water.

"There's a picnic below your seat." I said, pointing as I steered us to right near the stage. Alex reached for it. "Oh no, I wouldn't eat just yet. You'd better save yourself."

"Why?" She pulled that face she had pulled earlier which meant she was suspicious of my plans.

"Well, I know the lead singer, and I'm pretty sure that a solo by Alexandra Rivera is at the top of the billing tonight." Her jaw dropped, and then she leapt across and hugged me. The boat rocked slightly.

"Ah, Alex, sit down, or else you may be getting that gorgeous dress of yours wet."

"Sorry." She sat down. "I just, I can't believe you are doing this!"

"Well, I hope you like it, because from now on, except for important occassions, this is a treat. Most of the dates will just be dinner or a drink you know? I just wanted to do something special for our first date."

"Thank you."

"And now, everyone welcome to the stage Alexandra Rivera, who will be singing with us tonight." I pulled the boat in by the stage and Tom, the lead singer, helped Alex out of the boat and on to the stage. She grinned as he handed her a mike, and I sat back to watch my girl perform.

The End

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