Getting Ready For My First Date...With My First GirlfriendMature

It was really strange – but in a good way – to have a girlfriend. Throughout my years growing up from a girl into a woman, I’d never really thought about my love life. I grew up seeing so many of my friends dating other people but the thought of me having a ‘soulmate’ [as my friends liked to put it] had never crossed my mind…till now.

The moment the words, "Will you go out with me?" were asked to me from Will, I couldn't surpress the wave of happiness that came over me. It was great to have someone in that love you and look out for you. And it was all the more convenient when that person is your roommate.

The following weekend, Will said she wanted to take me on a date. When I asked her where, she refused to tell me as she wanted it to be a surprise. Nevertheless, my curiousity didn't dampen and only increased when she said she was going to  go "prepare things" on the day of the date, and then come back to pick me up.

"Come on Will, can't we just go together? Otherwise it would just be-"

"Otherwise, it wouldn't be as perfect. Alex, I want to make this perfect for you. Is this or is this not your first date with me?"

I bit my lower lip and looked up at her as she stood across me on the other side of my bed. "It is but-"

"No buts. Believe me, you won't regret waiting."

She grinned and without another word, left the room, leaving me alone. It's not like I didn't understand. I did. But the suspense was starting to gnaw away at the sides of my heart and I couldn't help but wonder where she was going to take me.

The hour passed slowly and I lounged about lazily on my bed, reading books, revising homework and essays that had already been completed and listening to music. Constantly, I would look at the clock that hung on the wall and my eyes would flicker to the framed photo Will had given me - a reminder that if she'd given me something that beautiful, the date she was going to take me on now would definitely be worth the wait.

Finally, when I heard the room door open, I jumped off my bed and ran towards Will who was grinning widely.

"We can go now," she said, taking hold of my hand.

"But wait, should I bring anything? Like money or food or-"

"Nope, everything is prepared." Then she paused and stopped walking, looking me up and down which made me feel very self concious. I was only just wearing skinny jeans and a tank, there's nothing wrong with that is there? "You should probably change though...into something more, 'gown-like'."

My eyebrows lifted and placing my hands on my hips, I gave Will, what she liked to call 'the look'. "Willow Sampson, where exactly are you taking me that would require me to dress up in a gown?"

She ignored me, probably because she felt more pushed to answer the question when I used that particular tone of voice. Reaching past my waist, she took her camera and muttered, "I'll be needing this."


Her eyes met my impatient ones and she smirked, probably finding my uncontrollable excitement very amusing.

"Believe me Alex, you're going to love this."

The End

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