What? Why in the world would they argue about me? Astounded I asked her, “I’m sorry. Why are you arguing about me? What have I done?”

“You’re my roommate that’s why. She’s a little jealous.” I noticed her eyes wander elsewhere and I felt the burning increase. But quickly her gaze went back to my face and she said, “She says it’s the way you look at me.”

Deciding not to reply to that, my head snapped back to look into the wardrobe and I ravaged for the dress I decided to wear but couldn’t find. I felt her stand beside me as she asked, “Which dress are you looking for?”

“The-the pink one.”

Aha! Found it. My hand touched hers as we reached for the dress at the same time and my hand jumped back when I felt a sudden shock. Maybe it was just static. I sneaked a peek at her and by the look on her face, I assumed her to have felt the same thing. She passed me the hanger and turned away from me as I dressed. Once I was dressed, I told her so and she turned back to look at me. I watched her face as she stared at me, trying to think of what she thought of me.

“Come on, let’s go.”

We walked towards the elevator and I played with the small frills of my dress nervously. When the doors closed in front of us after we had entered the elevator, I heard her say my name. Turning around, I looked up at her and stared at her face. She was beautiful…and before I could think of anything beyond that thought she leaned in and pressed her lips to mine. In just seconds, she pulled back and looked at me in shock; almost guilty of what she had done.

“God I am so sorry…I don’t know what came over me…”

Then before I knew it, I stepped forward, wrapping my arms around her waist and reaching up on my tip-toes to kiss her back. I was too lost in the moment and the feelings that erupted inside of me to notice that the elevator doors had opened until Will drew back and stared at me for a split second before directing her gaze at the two people in front of us.

One of them was William, looking almost satisfied and amused but the other…the other was Alice. Her eyes switched between mine and Will’s faces and I could see the tears start to brew in the corner of her eyes. Uh-oh.

“I told you she was a bitch,” Will muttered to Alice in a matter-of-fact voice. That was the last thing we heard before the sound of Alice’s loud footsteps against the pavement as she ran away. Without a word, Will ran after her, shouting and I walked out the elevator alarmed and a little scared. I turned to William who grinned at me mockingly.

“Who were you talking about?” I asked him, my voice barely a whisper.

“Oh you mean who I called bitch?”

I nodded solemnly and he smirked at me. “Why do you care? So you could punch me again and break my nose a third time incase it was your Lesbo lover. Well it isn’t. You’re the bitch. And you stole poor, innocent Alice’s love of her life away from her.”  

The End

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