I practically ran to the station, I'm not going to lie. I arrived with a few minutes to spare and leaned against the post that had the times on it. I watched as the train sped nearer and nearer until it pulled in to the station. I looked around for Alice as people got out of the train. I finally spotted her getting out of the end carriage, and jogged over to meet her.

"Hey there gorgeous, need a hand?" She turned and grinned at me, then reached up and kissed me.

"It's so good to see you."

"You too. Come on, let's get the rest of your stuff." I grabbed her hand and pulled her along the platform to the luggage carriage. One bag later and we were heading back to the room. "So what have you been up to without me?" I asked, slipping my arm around her shoulders.

"Just hanging around with Leah and Kay, work, more work..."

"Sounds fun."

"Definately the best time of my life" she said sarcastically smiling. I laughed and felt at ease. It was so good to see her again. I opened the door to my room, and showed her were to put her stuff.

"So, you want me to show you round? We could go for lunch."

"Yeah, I'd love to see everything."


I showed her round for two hours, we had lunch, and then headed back to my room. We sat on the bed and began talking all over again.

"So, what's your roomie like?" She asked after a while. I felt a little uncomfortable.

"Oh you know...alright."

"What do you mean alright?"

"Well she's fun and clever, but she's not too comfortable with the whole 'lesbian sharing a room' thing."

"Is she homophobic?"

"No, just scared I think."

"Of what?"

"Maybe that I'll check her out or something. I dunno."

"Huh, as if you would."

"I told her I was commited to you and wasn't about to go looking at her, but she still goes and changes in the bathroom and doesn't look at me when I change."

"Sounds like she might be a little homophobic."

"Nah, I told you, she's just not used to it." I heard the key in the door. "Ok, that's her. Kissing to a minimum please babe." I squeezed her hand and waited for Alex to come in.

She walked in nervously, glanced at Alice and then smiled slightly.

"Um, hi."

"Alex this is my girlfriend Alice. Alice, meet Alex."

The End

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