Meeting AliceMature

Breakfast was pleasent. When we entered the kitchen, Tina and Jack were already there and had already prepared pancakes and a chocolate syrup to go along with it. They didn't mind us joining in and 'scavenging' down their food so things went well and my appetite was satisfied. Due to the fact that two other friends of ours were also there, the atmosphere wasn't as uncomfortable as it would've been without Tina and Jack there. I felt a bit ashamed to be peeking at Will herself when she'd changed and I had the feeling she'd caught me but I didn't mind.

"So what do you guys have planned for today?" Jack asked us as we ate together on the small table set up.

"Well I'm headed to the train station. My girlfriend's coming." The excitement showed on Will's face as she said this and I couldn't help but feel a twinge of envy. I wondered if she'd be as excited if it was me coming on that train today.

"Well Jack and I are going to go to a movie. You want to come with us Alex?"

"Sure!" It'd been ages since I'd actually gone out to the cinema. That'd be awesome. But then the look Will gave me made my heart fly back down. Damn it!

"I thought you said you had a lot of work to do in the library and stuff."

"Uhh...I did. Whoopsie, I guess I can't go then." I giggled a little nervously and tried avoiding Will's eyes. Why did I have the feeling she'd figured out my little 'getaway' plan?


Will, Tina and Jack left together after breakfast. With a small sigh, I decided to head to the library anyways. After gathering my laptop and a few other things I thought I'd needed, I walked out the residential block and headed toward the library. It was about 30 minutes away on walk but I didn't mind, I needed to lose a few pounds anyway.

On the way, I stopped at a restaurant to grab a quick bite [that's how hungry I get after a huge breakfast] and continued on my journey. Time seemed to pass quickly to my utter disappointment during my time at the library. I did manage to finish all my assignments and that left me with a lot of spare time for the rest of the weekend. But that would mean more hanging out with the new happy couple.

Stretching, I stood up and started packing my bags. It was a quarter past two and I knew that Alice, right at this second, was probably in the campus. During the walk back to my room, I imagined the possible scenarios that would occur when Will introduced me to her girlfriend. The only word that kept popping up was "AWKWARD". As I inserted my keys into the door, I heard voices coming from inside - one of them belonging to Will's and the other to another girl whom I assumed to be Alice.

Ah well...I was going to have to face the inevitable soon anyways.

Here goes.

The End

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