I got up early in the morning while Alex was still asleep, preparing to take some sun rise photos with my camera. The views in the campus were so good, it would be silly to miss them. After an hour of pinks and reds and oranges and finally some blue, I set back to the room to change. I opened the door and walked in on Alex changing. She spun round, blushed, then quickly grabbed her dress and held it over her. I sighed inwardly. This might be awkward. I covered my eyes and apologised, then went across to my bed and looked away. Alex continued dressing behind me and I chanced a glance over my shoulder. She had a great figure, I could see now it wasn't hidden under clothes. Then, angry with myself for admiring her curves I turned away and pretended to be fiddling with my camera lens. She coughed when she'd finished. I rolled over on the bed.

"Hey sorry about that. I didn't think you'd be up yet."

"Don't worry about it." She looked slightly uncomfortable but not unreasonably so.

"So are you sure about not coming to the station?"

"Yeah, I'm sure."

"Oh, ok. Well I'm gonna get ready now, and then we could get breakfast?" I stood up and pulled out a fresh t-shirt, yanking off my vest top and replacing it. I glanced to the side as I did so and saw Alex staring slightly. Interesting. I thought there had to be another reason she was uncomfortable changing around me. She did seem rather embarrassed when I changed before. Bi-curious perhaps? I pushed the thought aside. I turned and her eyes flew away as though she hadn't been looking.

"Breakfast would be good" she muttered. I grinned and grabbed my keys and camera, then held the door open for her to go through.

The End

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