Photo's galoreMature

Although she seemed reluctant at first, Alex seemed to really get in to the swing of things with the photo shoot. She posed, pulled faces adn laughed a lot. I found myself really enjoying the whole time I was taking the photos.

When I'd finished I looked through the photos on my laptop, picking out the best ones and putting them up on a slideshow to show Alex. She wandered over and stood behind me to watch. The first three were her sat on the stool, grinning, laughing and twirling her hair. The next ones were her pulling dramatic faces against the wall. And the final one was an over the shoulder picture where she wasn't looking at the camera, I'd caught her off guard.

"What do you think?" I asked, turning on my stool to face her.

"They're amazing. Thank you, so much." She hugged me and then stood back, staring at the pictures. "I really want the last one."

"I'll print it for you, as my gift."

"Thanks so much Will." Her gaze shifted slightly and she bit her lip in a smile.


"I forgot to tell you, I saw Will this morning." I felt my face cloud over.

"How was his nose?"

"Let's just say you have a great punch. It looks worse now I hit it too."

"You hit him? Why?"

"He was calling you a bitch, and saying stuff."

"Thanks. Feels good doesn't it?"

"Yeah, it kinda does." I grinned and then turned to pack away my laptop.

"Right, let's go to our room, and I can get this printed for you."



The photo printed perfectly, and I presented it to Alex proudly. She thanked me again and hung it on her wall.

I was laying on my bed listening to my music when Alice rang.

"Hey babe, I'm looking forward to your visit tomorrow!"

"Me too. Will you come meet me off the train? Twelve?"

"Yeah sure. I'd better get a kiss."

"Of course. I love you."

"Love you too."

"Well I have to go to bed, else I won't be up in time to catch the train."

"Alright, sleep well gorgeous."

"Sleep well sweetie."

I hung up and put my phone down. Alex looked up from her work.

"That was your girlfriend right?"

"Yeah. I can't wait for you to meet her." She nodded and turned back to her work. "Hey, is that important?"

"No, not really."

"Come on then. Let's play truth or dare. Then we'll find out things about each other easily."

"Oh, ok, sounds cool." I grinned and moved over so she could sit on my bed facing me.

"You start." Her lips pursed in thoughtfulness as she pondered what to ask me.

The End

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