Back To SleepMature

When I finally regained consciousness, my head felt like a ton of bricks as I tried getting up.

“Urgh…” I groaned, a hand going to my forehead and my eyes trying to adjust to the light around me. “What…happened to…me?” Great, I sounded drunk too. Who knew that a martini could knock me out that bad?

“Alex, you’re awake.” I heard Will’s voice say and soon enough, she appeared before me, a worried expression across her face.

“Yep…fortunately I’m not dead either.”

Will helped prop me up into a sitting position since I found it too difficult with my head still swimming and my vision shaking before my eyes. I groaned again, holding my head in my hands and shaking it madly which ended up making me even dizzier. After a few moments of silence in which I was able to regain my full senses, I asked Will, “What happened to me in the party?”

“He spiked your drink,” she muttered, staring at her shoes.

“Who’s he?”

“Will of course. Who else would do something like that?!” She said her voice almost close to the tone of shouting.

I giggled and she looked even more furious at me. There was seriously something wrong with me. Maybe the drink still had its effect.

“Nahh…Will wouldn’t do something like that to me. We made up with each other.”

“You what?”

“Made up. Like reconciled or whatever you people call it. We’re friends now.”

“Friends? I don’t think friends would try and do something like spike the others drink and make her unconscious. You’ve completely lost your mind Alex!” Wow…Will was in a rage.

“Fine then, what proof do you have that he was the one?”

“I fricking saw him!!!”

“Oh.” Well that shut me up for some time. But maybe, what if she’d mistaken him for someone else. Well there was no point in arguing with Will…besides, I trusted her. If she saw him, she saw him. Leave it at that Alex, leave it at that. He spiked your drink. End of story.

“So what do we do now?” I asked.

“Well for starters, I think you should just cut off whatever relation you have with him. He just seems a little…fishy to me. Don’t talk to him, okay?”

With a sigh, I muttered, “okay. Hey Will, I feel kinda tired now so just want to go to sleep. You go ahead and go back to the party if you want but I just want to rest.”

“Alright Alex. Sleep tight. Are you sure you don’t want me to stay?”

“Nope, I’m fine.” I smiled at her and she gave me a small smile back even though it seemed a little forced.

“’kay then. Good night.”

The moment Will was out and I heard the click of the key, I fell back onto the bed, too lazy to get dressed into my PJ’s. Tonight had been a weird night and I was flat out exhausted. With a small sigh, I closed my eyes and escaped to dreamland where I didn’t have to worry about spiked drinks and weird guys and not to mention, Will’s fury.

The End

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