Out of controlMature

Kelly was getting pretty wild, and soon I had no breath left. I motioned that I was going to sit down. I flopped down on the sofa and put a foot up on the table.

Wow this was a good party. Even Alex was enjoying it...speaking of Alex, where was she? I glanced round to see if I could see her. Ah, there she was, by the drinks. As I watched, she drank out of a glass and suddenly began swaying. I stood up.

Please don't tell me someone's spiked it. I tried to make my way across the dance floor to her, but it was packed. I climbed over some chairs and reached the drinks table. She was on the floor, and the girl from behind the table was leaning over her.

"What did you do?" I asked angrily, bending down to check Alex was breathing properly.

"Nothing! This guy just asked if I could pour a martini, he took it, and then he gave it back asking if I could give it to her. He said he was too embarrassed to give it to her."

"Did he have chance to slip it in?"

"Yeah, he turned away."

"You idiot. I can't believe you just gave her it!"

"I thought it was sweet!"

"Look, whatever. Can you see the boy now?"

"Um, no." She looked around. "Wait, that's him, leaving." I glanced up, grimaced and then looked back to Alex.

"Help me get her back to the dorm." The girl helped me pick Alex up and carry her back to the dorm. She was muttering by now, but she probably wouldn't come round for another hour or so. I unlocked the door and we carried Alex on to her bed. "Thanks, you can go now. Don't worry about the boy, I'll deal with him."

She muttered another apology and then left. I kicked the wall in anger, then hopped around, cursing silently. I limped over to the chest of drawers that was Alex's, and pulled out a set of pyjamas. Then I stared at her lying there. Hmm, better wait until she can dress herself. She'd get pretty freaked out if she woke up in her pyjamas and it was me that had changed her clothes. I sat on my bed and sighed, putting my head in my hands. She must have grown up in such a sheltered environment, because all she'd done so far was get herself in to fixes. Especially with Will.

My anger flared up again as I remembered him sneaking out of the party. I was going to hit him so hard when I saw him.

The End

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