Spiked DrinkMature

Strangely, I was having fun dancing with Kelly and Will. My hips were moving the whole time and I knew I must look like a maniac in front of the others cause I had no idea on how to really dance but I didn't care as long as I was happy and having fun. Dancing took up most of my time in the party and I didn't notice the clock tick away. The dance floor was busy and soon, everyone on the floor got into a dance routine. It was the kind you'd seen in a movie like Step Up and I was part of it which made it even better.

Laughing and smiling, my body felt a little tired after all that fun and I told Kelly and Will that I'll be over at the drinks stand. They nodded and I walked away, shaking my head and smiling at all the fun I'd just had. Who knew parties could be so entertaining?

"What d'you have?" I asked the girl behind the counter.

"Everything," she said grinning. "This is my sisters party afterall."

"You're Tina's sister?" I asked, shock flitting across my face.

"Yes that's me."

"Then why are you behind the counter when you're supposed to be partying like everyone else?"

"She gave me a hundred bucks to do this. I couldn't refuse the offer," she grinned at me again before pushing a drink into my hand. "It's a martini. You'll like it. Besides, I saw you dancing really wild out there, pretty good job." She winked at me and I felt myself go red but I took a long sip out the drink to avoid answering her.

That's one I felt myself grow dizzy. What was going on? I turned my head to look back at the girl but her image appeared blurred. The next second, I felt myself fall and I was out.

The End

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